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Home Station configuration

The present setup comprises 2 main radios - an Icom IC-7100 for all bands/modes 1.8MHz - 432MHz and an Elad FDM-DUO in service as an SDR transceiver. I also have 2 Weber Dual Bander QRP Kits (for 80/40 and 30/20) which I like using. 

HF is connected via a remote LDG Automatic ATU and Balun connected to a home-made 240 foot long doublet fed at about 35 feet high at its centre.

On VHF/UHF I have a vertically-polarised Diamond X-300 collinear and a 4 element Tonna 144MHz beam (horizontally polarised) pointing in a fixed ESE direction.

I like HTs and have an Icom ID-51E Anniversary Edition & an Icom ID-31E. I am also getting into Network Radios and have a Talkpod N58, an Inrico T-320 and a Hytera PNC-370.

My QTH is about 479 feet ASL, my locator is IO92BJ and my  WAB square is SP17 but in the Worcestershire bit!

I work most bands according to my interests, but will be found most often on or around 1.942 MHz or on D-STAR or Network Radio channels. 

I also enjoy relaxed-mode contesting so you may also work me in one of those.

Mobile Station configuration

I haven’t got any mobile equipment in the car at the moment, but have many single band antennae ready to go if I once make the decision to go back to HF mobile-ing again.

There is also a rare chance that you might even catch me out bicycle mobile on 2m or 70cm (if you are both local and unlucky!)

Portable Station configuration

Out "in the field", I like to use either my Elad FDM-DUO or a YouKits HB-1B or my trusty Yaesu FT-817ND. 

For handheld use, I usually take either my Icom ID-51 or ID-31. Increasingly I use one of my Network Radios as the coverage is excellent! 

For higher power HF operations, I sometimes use an Elecraft KXPA-100 amp coupled to one of my QRP radios - good for all modes! A variety of antennas are used - usually a Sotabeams linked dipole of some sort, though sometimes a 3 element SOTA beam for 144MHz. I also use a home-brew 160m dipole with some success...

2010 saw a debut in the Backpackers Contests and a successful win in the 50MHz section with my pals G3YXM and G4FPH. Not bad for a first time! Our exploits even made the front cover of RadCom in August 2011 as seen here.

About me

Hi! I'm Chris, G7DDN.

I am a professional musician by trade. I combine 

composing, recording, performing and teaching.

Please feel free to take a listen to my latest albums of relaxing piano compositions on Amazon, Google, iTunes or Spotify or visit my personal music website here

Garden Station configuration

When the weather is nice and I don't fancy going full-blown portable, I often operate from the back garden. Sadly the TS-480 in the picture is now sold and I use one of my QRP radios, usually the Elad FDM-DUO, with the Elecraft Amp these days. 

Notice the beer glass is empty though…  ...of course!

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