Home Station configuration


The present setup comprises 2 main radios - a Kenwood TS-590SG for all bands/modes 1.8MHz - 50MHz and a Kenwood TM-V71E for VHF & UHF FM. I also have an Elad FDM-DUO in service as a second SDR receiver and panadapter, as well as a spare transmitter.

I also have 2 Weber Dual Bander QRP Kits (for 80/40 and 30/20) which I like using. HF is connected via a remote LDG Automatic ATU and Balun connected to a home-made 240 foot long doublet fed at about 35 feet high at its centre.

On VHF/UHF I have a vertically-polarised Diamond X-300 colinear and a 4 element Tonna 144MHz beam (horizontally polarised) pointing in a fixed ESE direction.

I like HTs and have a Kenwood TH-D74E, an Icom ID-51E Anniversary Edition, an Icom ID-31E and a Retevis RT-3 DMR radio. I am also getting into Network Radios and have a Talkpod N58.

My QTH is about 479 feet ASL, my locator is IO92BJ and my  WAB square is SP17 but in the Worcestershire bit!

I work most bands according to my interests, but will be found most often on or around 1.942 MHz or on D-STAR or Network Radio channels. 

I also enjoy relaxed-mode contesting so you may work me in one of those.

Mobile Station configuration

Currently I have an Icom ID-5100E in the car for VHF, UHF and D-STAR. 

ID-5100E std 450x205

I use a Diamond semi-bendable whip, which I find survives the various multi-storey car park tests that my wife tends to put my mobile antennas through! I still have a brand new duplicate antenna spare though, just in case...

I haven’t got HF mobile in the car at the moment, but have many single band antennae ready to go if I once make the decision to go back to HF mobiling again.

There is also a rare chance that you might even catch me out bicycle mobile on 2m or 70cm (if you are both local and unlucky!)

Portable Station configuration

Out "in the field", I like to use either an Elad FDM-DUO or a YouKits HB-1B TFR or my Yaesu FT-817ND. For handheld use, I usually take either my Kenwood TH-D74E or an Icom ID-51 or 31. Increasingly I use my Talkpod N58 Network Radio as the coverage is excellent! 

For higher power HF operations, I sometimes use an Elecraft KXPA-100 amp with one of my QRP radios - good for all modes! A variety of antennas are used - usually a Sotabeams linked dipole of some sort, though sometimes a 3 element SOTA beam for 144MHz. I also use a home-brew 160m dipole with some success...

2010 saw a debut in the Backpackers Contests and a successful win in the 50MHz section with my pals G3YXM and G4FPH. Not bad for a first time! Our exploits even made the front cover of RadCom in August 2011 as seen here.

Garden Station configuration

When the weather is nice and I don't fancy going full-blown portable, I often operate from the back garden. Sadly the TS-480 in the picture is now sold and I use one of my QRP radios, usually the Elad FDM-DUO, with the Elecraft Amp these days. 

Notice the beer glass is empty though…  ...of course!

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