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You can find my articles both in published magazines and in different places on the web. 

I currently write a monthly column on Network Radios for Radio User Magazine here in the UK and contribute from time to time to the blog on

Dates are included alongside articles, so that you have an appreciation of my thoughts at the time of writing. This is important as my opinions change in the light of both new technological advances and other evidence that emerges. 

List of Articles & Presentations (most recent first)

Zello for Radio Enthusiasts ( Blog Post - 30th October, 2018)

A Sense of Belonging and Working it Like the Hoff
(Radio User Magazine - November 2018 edition) Print article only - available now

Network Radios - A Presentation to the RSGB National Convention
Kents Hill Park Conference Centre - Sat 13th October 2018

PoC Comms, an Interview and Holidays
(Radio User Magazine - October 2018 edition) Print article only

Steve Jobs’ Contribution to Network Radio (Network Radios Website - 28th August, 2018)

Beginning Network Radio 
(Radio User Magazine - September 2018 edition) 
Print article only

What have the Romans ever done for us? (Network Radios Website - 30th July, 2018)

Radio for the 21st Century?
(Radio User Magazine - August 2018 edition) Print article only

Network Radio - What’s It All About?
(RSGB RadCom Journal - July 2018 edition) Print article only 

The Joys of Moderation (Network Radios Website -  12th June, 2018)

Network Radio - What is Network Radio and why could it be good for Amateur Radio? 
(Practical Wireless Magazine - July 2018 edition) Print article only - available now

So What is “Real Ham Radio” then? (Network Radios Website - May 16th, 2018)

Kings of the Airwaves? (Network Radios Website - May 3rd, 2018)

A New Radio (Network Radios Website - April 30th, 2018)

What makes a Radio Amateur? (Network Radios Website - April 25th, 2018)

Taking a Break (Network Radios Website - April 6th, 2018)

The Reality of Amateur Radio in 2018 (Network Radios Website - Mar 26th, 2018)

   - also published in the Stockton-Delta ARC Newsletter California USA - April 2018 edition

Three Letters to a Magazine (Network Radios Website - Mar 18th, 2018)

“It’s not Real Ham Radio” (Network Radios Website - Mar 7th, 2018)
   - also available in mp3 audio format at the RAIN Report website - Mar 24th, 2018 edition
   - directly quoted extensively in "Practical Wireless” UK magazine’s "Emerging Technologies" column - May 2018 edition
   - linked to from "Practical Wireless” UK magazine’s "World of VHF" column - May 2018 edition
   - also published in the Tri-State ARS Newsletter "Sparks USA - April 2018 edition
   - also published on Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA) website - August 2018

Network Radios - A Route into Amateur Radio? (Network Radios Website - Feb 28th, 2018)

Network Radios - It’s all about propagation (Network Radios Website - Feb 21st, 2018)
  - linked to from "Practical Wireless” magazine’s World of VHF column - May 2018 edition

A Personal Portable Repeater for D-STAR (Wythall RC Newsletter - February 2015)

MB6IWL - What is it & Why Should I Care? (Wythall RC Newsletter - August 2014)

GB3WL inches closer (Wythall RC Newsletter - August 2014)

GB3WL - A New Repeater for Wythall (Wythall RC Newsletter - April 2014)

What is a Repeater? (Wythall RC Newsletter - April 2014)

G100RSGB from the Publicity Perspective (Wythall RC Newsletter - December 2013)

Book Review - Fred Cady: The Elecraft K3 - Design, Configuration & Operation  
(FISTS UK KeyNote Magazine - Summer 2013)

Di-Di-Di-Dah-Di-Dah (Wythall RC Newsletter - February 2013)

A Winter’s Tale …of Building a Transceiver (Wythall RC Newsletter - February 2012)

Another RSGB Trophy for Wythall Radio Club Members (Wythall RC Newsletter - May 2011)

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