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Hello and welcome to G7DDN

These webpages are here to inspire and inform - at least I hope they will!

At the time of writing (early 2018) this site is still quite minimalist but I hope to change it over time.

There will be some biography, some information too, but I intend to link to a few articles and other posts I have written to stimulate thoughtful discussion.

If you have arrived here to read some of my articles about Network Radio, then click here and you will see the links to my articles on that (and other) subjects.

I am passionate about my radio hobby but I also recognise that much of it needs to adapt to the technological challenges of the 21st Century, so that may well be a recurring theme.

Who knows? It’s a new site with room to grow and develop! Just feel free to explore from the menus.

I hope I will get to work YOU somewhere in the great community that is Radio.



About me

Hi! I'm Chris, G7DDN.

I am a professional musician by trade. I combine 

composing, recording, performing and teaching.

Please feel free to take a listen to my latest albums of relaxing piano compositions on Amazon, Google, iTunes or Spotify or visit my personal music website here

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