PE1OBW Teletext Encoder

PE1OBW Teletext Encoder

I'm currently building the PE1OBW Teletext Encoder for the ZL3AC ATV repeater. The picture below shows an internal view of the encoder. The board on the left is the digital board that contains the microprocessor, memory and FPGA. The board on the right is the analog board the inserts the digital teletext signal onto the video signal. It all fits into a 2U 19" rack enclosure.

Teletext Encoder

The unit is built and working and has been installed on the ZL3AC repeater althrough it will not been announced to the public until more tests have been done.

To see what can be done with this teletext encoder take a look at the S51KG website or the GB3HV repeater site.

The software to make the pages up can be found on the PE1OBW web pages or click here. This software is in Dutch but an english version can be found here. Before using the software I would recommend that you read the original teletext article in CQTV199.

More information on both the hardware and software can be found in CQTV199 or the the designers site

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