G1MFG Modules

I've got a 23cm TX and a 23cm RX module from G1MFG. I've had them running across the bench but was never happy quite with the performance. They always seemed to be problems with line sync. But I've now cured the problem with the help of a web page from the VE6ATV site. The Platinum Mods page is a gold mine for information on the G1MFG modules. If you own one of these modules you must see this page. In my opinion this is the best ham radio page I have seen.

It took me a couple of hours to do the mods and I have perfect pictures.

Testcard Software

I found this test card software on the web. Written by Peter den Bak, it's contains a few basic test cards that I have been using to play with my transmitters and receives.

ATV Antennas

I've built a couple of antennas, one for 23cm, the other for 50cm (615MHz). The 23cm antenna (seen at the top of the picture) is a design from CQTV182 by G8GML and G3KKD. The reflector measures 61cm by 20cm. The second antenna is a simple yagi made from a length of plastic tubing and some 2mm copper wire. The dimensions were scaled from Cheap VHF-UHF Antennas.

Christchurch ATV Repeater

I've been setting up my equipment to work with the Christchurch ATV repeater. The two pictures below show one of the ATV repeater test cards and a test card from my test card generator. Both pictures are taken off air.

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