Information about Alan G4ZFQ and the Isle of Wight Radio Society G3SKY

Isle of Wight Radio Society  G3SKY

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The     G3SKY site at is now run by G3SKY. (I am no longer a member.) I have placed the archives from 2000-2007 here. INDEX:-  

The Isle of Wight. Maps showing WAB and Maidenhead Locators.

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My current site Index - more on here.  

My station as it was some time ago!

My Home and the Isle of Wight still the same after ~40 years.

FT847 RF Board 70MHz TX BPF Test points


Greyline Index Page Greyline (Grayline) Propagation investigations.

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Personal Interests

Amateur Radio

Amateur (Ham) Radio and shortwave listening is one of my main interests.

Location: IO90IR, SZ49, 50.74N 1.31W.


I enjoy playing with relatively simple electronics.


An interest not much practiced at the moment, Now have digital but I think the "old" SLR and film still have their place!


Include this because I waste so much time trying to get things working that I must be interested! Computer is assembled AMD dual core on a Gigabyte mainboard. NOTE parallel and serial ports ARE still available for radio computers.

I have been using computers to monitor various radio signals, see my other pages.

Used to enjoy walks of 5-10 miles in the country fairly regularly, now I've gone back to a regular cycle ride.


Listen to mainly orchestral classical music.

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