Welcome EA5/G4VZV

This is the antenna I have at my home QTH in Sheffield


My single element multiband delta loop.




EA5/G4VZV youtube channel which has videos of some of my contacts


To log a contact with EA5/G4VZV ......or  EA5/G4VZV/P  go direct to the EA5/G4VZV  or EA5/G4VZV/P page on qrz.com and add the contact.

I have 3 Logbooks on qrz.com 

Logbook 1: G4VZV home station.

Logbook 2: EA5/G4VZV Spanish main address.

Logbook 3: EA5/G4VZV/P.


Photo: ( Main station photo of G4VZV in Sheffield , South Yorkshire , UK  taken in 2014 )


Latest info

Below picture is my EA5/G4VZV/pedestrian mobile station in January 2018.

I made a trolley station consisting of 1/4 wave vertical wire, and a capacitive coupled grounding system. Note the trolley is not directly earthed. There are no ground radials or earth rods. Results are quite amazing and operating in the 'fresnal zone' close to the edge of the sea gives remarkable signals both on receive + transmit. The equipment is FT857, manual MFJ tuner and ground system. 

I would urge you to try /portable  or  /pedestrian mobile work , there's little noise and you have lots of fun. 

The 2 pictures below are of my /pedestrian mobile at El Pinet , close to Santa Pola, south of Alicante. The set up being onlya few feet from the salt lakes to the West and North. 

This is a photo of me sat on the beach on a warm winter day December 2017 ....see below.

Here I'm EA5/G4VZV/portable on the beach at Hostal Galicia,  El Pinet , 20Kms south of  Alicante, Spain. Set up is FT857D, LDG atu and operation is with a 40amp car battery. Antenna is 1/4wave vertical wire on telescopic pole secured in to a tripod. Look at logbook for EA5/G4VZV/P for stations worked. 




Here is another  /portable set up in 2017.  This was at El Pinet on The Costa Blanca , Spain on a late winters afternoon: 


My old call: G6EAG

My dad is : EA5BKT also G4NQL

WAB is SK49,  and Locator square is IO93IK

Main interest is making, antennas/aerials. Some 20years ago I made an homebrew wide spaced 3 and 4 element HF beam, using parasitic wire directors and reflectors on boom extensions and also a 2 Element Cubical Quad on a 60ft Strumech tower. Also I've shunt fed towers to use on the lower bands but only had moderate success. In more recent years I've experimented  with vertical antennas for the low frequenciey bands.  

My Antennas :   Multi Band Delta loop by: Urbasket.eu and VPA Antenna Systems. This is the main antenna and you can see it in the picture at the top of the page (click on the photo to expand it) . The same picture is also shown below.

Multiband Delta Loop

The other picture is a: Force 12 Sigma 5 GTS Half Wave Vertical Dipole for 10-20mts. A good antenna for small gardens taking up little space only 3.5 mts high and performs well having low angle take-off. It has a remote switching system in the station at the side of my radio and with relays you get like monoband vertical performance. It does not require ground radials it's an end loaded dipole in the vertical plane. This antenna is now used at my Spanish QTH positioned on the balcony approximately 6mts agl. For the : Low Freq bands  (40 and 80mts) use own version of LDG S9 43V vertical in the form of sloping wire. 


Force 12 Sigma 5GTS


EA5/G4VZV:   (NEXT VISIT : 2018  I've added a page on QRZ for this callsign. The same info can be seen on: 'qrzcq.com'. I have a small holiday home located very close to the beach and within 3 kilometers of 'Guardamar Del Segura' near Alicante, S.E Spain. I use my call sign prefixed with EA5/G4VZV. 


VOIP System

AllStar  and Echolink:

I have an AllStar and Echolink Micro Node. 

AllStar : 42431

Echolink : 251866.



SKYPE: keng4vzv

73 de G4VZV Ken