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Hi All,
    well after months of hard work and planning , the Marconi event has
come and gone. To set the record straight , the only text transmitted
for the first 55 minutes was  "MARCONI   S" twice a minute at the top
and bottom of the minute.
    If you did not hear the above, you heard some of the many stations
that were  on this advertised frequency for the event .
    I would like to apologize to the many hams who did not get to hear
the once in a lifetime sound of a real spark tx because of the qrm.
    I have received about 230 confirmations of which I can honestly say
about 42 were what I believe to have been of my signal. Some of them are
suspect because of the distance from me but they gave a very good
description of what was transpiring.
    I had the full intention of building and operating a phone modulated
ARC tx to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Fessendens phone
transmission to the Fruit company boats in 1906 Dec. 24 , complete with
violin playing and singing, but alas the idea has been shelved because
of the qrm which would in all likely hood happen again.
The following is a list of stations I feel heard the "MARCONI   S"
N2TJQ         David             Troy   NY
KD9MF        Don                Prairie View  Il
N3YEA         Jeff                 Beaver Falls PA
KB3DZR      Melissa                    "
VE3KYG      Rick                Oxford Millws  On.
W1HIS         Chuck              Belmont   Mass.
KM3V          Chuck                   ?         Maryland
VE3SYK       Charlie            Kettleby   Ont
VE3HKO      David              Amherstburg   On.
K1DCT         David                500 mile ?
VA3QSL       Jeff                   Brampton  on.
VE3ZPU       Denis                 Ottawa    On.
VE3WLR      Bill                    Mild May   On.
VE3BX           ?                     Collingwood    On.
VA3ORP       Dave                Kingston    ON
VE3FGU        Mike                Keswick    On
VE3NG          Ron                 Picton         ON.
K8YE            Dennis               Caledonia   Mi.
VE3AAS        Bill                   Almonte     On.
K2UJ             Randy               Holland Patent  NY
K6BC            Bruce                Syracuse    Ind.
KA2MGE      Gerry                Silver Creek Ny
KB9TQN       Ryan                 Chicago    Il
K9DC            Dave                 Indianapolis Ind
VA3ES           Ed                     Ottawa     On
VA3KV          Jim                   Rockland    ?
W5BB             Don                 Kansas city
K3DJC             Bob                York Pa
K8MFK          Frank                Port Huron     On
K1ZZ              Dave                   ??        300 mile
VE6EFK         Edward              Coaldale   Alberta
WB2QMY      Kevin                 Bloomfield Ny
VE2ATD         Yves                   Laurel Que.
VE3GYY         Peter                  Port Hope  On
N4TAB            Tom                   Wake Forest  NC
K2JVM            Herb                  Penn Yan  Ny
VE3HGN          Don                  Newlands   On
VE3CBK          Chris                  Kanata    On
AA1P                 Richard                ?       400 mi
VE3BBM          Ralph                  Ottawa    On
KG2BK             Jerry             Bloomfield Ny
*VE3NGC        Charles             Peterborough
*VE3FCK         Tom                Chippawa
*VA3XL           Don
*VA3KGB       Chip                 Morven
*VE3SY           Paul                  Petersburg

* = 2nd update