Good Morning Martin (from my office in the obo at 8000ft!)


Martin wrote:

> Ann reckons you look distinguished!!!!

Say thank you Ann from me... Haa, thats a polite way too of saying I look old hi :-) From what I recall, it was a self taken picture shot with a small Kodak DC20 digital camera. I stood the camera on top of my PC at the other side of the shack, put on a po face and that was the result! I'll take some more shortly, but hopefully looking more cheerful :-)

Nice to have spoken with you, Chris and Martin (ZMH) yesterday evening.

Pity Flo wasn't heard, but there'll be other days. I have left these KKC nets for too many years, so it's well past time I got back in.  After that quickie on 40m at 21:15, I did call you again at 22:00, but the band was full of Frenches calling 'CQ contest'. I called you a little HF of 7.052, but nothing heard. I went QRT about 22:30. Still, it does show that there's a path from the UK to Canaries at that time of night. As a test, I dropped down to 80m, but didn't hear any G stations. But as expected, I couldn't load up on that band (into a 40m dipole !!)

So, looking forward to having more QSO's with you geezers and this 'photo blitz' that Flo has mentioned. I'd love to see the one of me at the Kirkenhoff.. and yes, I remember well saying "Those flowers are getting right up me bugle!" The other thing I remember from that day was G3KDY? dressed up in his black raincoat and beret (like Michael Crawford!) called CQ from a windmill in the gardens! Yep, a funny geezer he was and great times too with the UK London FM group :-)

Speak to you soon,

73's John



Right...just bought a scanner - expect no mercy! Ill shoot down and run for 50K Jpegs per photo - unless you deposit dosh or forward botts of JD...

Just been told that photos of you are on a ship just outside sleepless - should be here by 20th March - so time enough for the goods to arrive!  Unless deposits are forth coming expect classics such as :

DNC at the Kirkenhoff (holland) sneezing - the dutch equiv of Kew gdns - "these flowers get right up my bugle"

BXN - wearing a nice red headscarf and being covered in Brut at St Davids Wales YHA (and home home on the range - Bryn Poeth Ucath - an encylopedia of puking)

KRE - falling off a seat whilst pissed at an VHF NFD (with flares)

MWR dancing with DMA at some party on the Bristol channel

JAZ at school

FIT looking 12 - less like T'birds puppet though

FKK with a broken something...

Bro Mart with curls

IOB with Alex on top (!) IOB with Mini, IOB with miniskirt, IOB without mini.

Robin how come I cant find any dirt on u? - Ill find some

Glenn on a bike (vertical) Glenn on a bike (horizontally challenged)

..and this lot are just from memory of whats in my "box of delights"

Its 1420 here and Im orf early this Friday afto - 20,000 ft plus Mt

Mckinley is 200 miles away and clearly seen here out of my window -8C and the slopes await...


Flo -