In addition to the government run Télé Liban, licences have been issued for 5 political stations. Additionally one other station is permitted to operate. Times given below are local. 24h indicates that the station broadcasts 24 hours per day.
SECAM System B (VHF) & G (UHF) is used.  Polarisation is usually Horizontal.

Category 1 stations (political)

MTV Mont Liban Building, Avenue Fouad Chehab, Fassouh, Achrafieh, (or P.O.Box 16-6000) Beirut. Tel: 01-217000. Fax: 01-423121. email: [email protected] Internet: 1700-0130.

Future TV  White House, Rue Spears, Sanayeh, P.O.Box 13-6052, Beirut. Tel: 01-355355 Fax: 01-753232 email:   [email protected]  Internet:   24h  Also on Arabsat 2A, 3A & Nilesat 101

LBCI  Adma, Zone Jaune, Rue 4 Bis (or P.O.Box 165853), Beirut   Tel: 09-850850 Fax:09-850916 email: [email protected]   Internet:  24h
In addition to their analogue transmissions, LBCI have begun a digital TV service in the Beirut area on channel 33. It currently carries 2 programmes.

NBN  Adnan al Hakim Street, Hala Building, Block A, Jnah, (or P.O.Box 13-6633, Chouran) Beirut. Tel: 01-841020 Fax: 01-841029 email: [email protected] Internet: 24h  (inc Sat TV)

Al Manar   Abed Al-Nour Street, Haret Hre´k, ( or P O Box 354/25) Beirut  Tel: 01-276000 Fax: 01-555953 email: [email protected]  Internet:  Arabic/Hebrew  24h Also on satellite

Télé Liban   P.O.Box 4848, Beirut.  Tel: 01-300360 Fax: 01-301161   email: [email protected]  Internet:  0700-0200 in French/Arabic/English

New TV   Jabal al Arab Street, Wata el Mousaitbeh, (or P O Box 11-5858) Beirut    Tel: 01-303300 Fax: 01-818389 email: [email protected] Internet:  0630-0030  UHF 37, 41, 51 & 62.  Also on ArabSat & NileSat

Zen TV email: [email protected]

Permitted to operate

Télé Lumière 2nd floor, Dora Commercial Centre (or  P.O.Box 1550, Jounieh) Beirut. Tel: 01-255501 Fax: 01-255500 email: [email protected] Internet: 0700-1800

These have recently been licenced but are not on air yet:
ICNI   Sassine, Achrafieh Tel: 01-201105
UTV   (a merger between NTV and CVN)
A recent report said that ICN and UTV have had their licenses withdrawn due to non-payment of licence fees.

MBC  Lebanon Genfinor Center, Bloc C. 4th floor, Clemenceau Street, Hamra, Beirut  Tel.: 961-1-745400 email: [email protected]

Other (unlicensed) stations
al Faiha
Hillal TV - closed down?
Middle East TV  Marjayoun  Postal address: Box 247, Qiryat Shimona, 10200 Israel  Tel: +972 66 959588  Fax: +972 66 950007  email: [email protected] Internet:  operated from Marjayoun, South Lebanon  0800-0000 Sun 1030-0030   Also on Amos 1 satellite. Now closed.

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Author: Jack FitzSimons
Last Update: 18 August 2006