Jabal Tourbol (North)
a photograph of Jabal Tourbol, October 1997 (114k)
G.C.:34° 26' N  35° 55 E  Altitude: 650m
This site is about 6km east of Tripoli in North West Lebanon.  It has good views of Tripoli and up the coast into Syria. There are 9 towers here.  The photograph shows four of them (from left to right):

An Alcatel tower carrying MTV

A PTT tower

The Future TV tower with Radio Orient 89.6MHz.  The Radio Orient antenna comprises vertically polarised panels. There is a different number on each face (maximum 8) giving a directional pattern.  Radio Liban also has a single dipole antenna on this tower (106.7MHz).

The LBC tower with La Voix de la Charité 105.8MHz.

Out of sight to the left are:

A Téléliban tower with Band III TV

The NBN TV tower (with FM planned?)

Out of sight to the right are:

A mast carrying Radio Strike 97.7MHz  (6 dipoles) and Radio Liban Star 106.4MHz  (4 dipoles)

A mast carrying Radio Delta 102.5MHz (3 dipoles) and Sawt el Ghad 105.1MHz (1 dipole)

A Cellular tower with 2 dipoles

Radio Van 94.7MHz is on one of the last three.

RML 99MHz, Nostalgie 88.0MHz and Radio Scope 100.9MHz also have a station here.

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Author: Jack FitzSimons
Last Update: 3 February 1999