Jabal Terbol (Bekaa)
 a photograph of Jabal Terbol, October 1997 (82k)

G.C.: 33° 47' N 35° 59'E  Altitude: 1220m

Jabal Terbol is a peak of about 1200m making it about 300m higher than the Bekaa valley which it overlooks. It is about 8km south west of Zahle and about 6km from the Syrian border.

There is an LBC tower here. On the platform beneath the UHF panels are 1 dipole for The Voice of Charity on 87.6MHz, and 2 dipoles for Radio Alleluia on 95.9MHz. Fame FM now has an antenna on the LBC tower too.

There may be another tower next to this one by now.

RML and Nostalgie moved here recently from a site at Tal-Shiha hill in Zahle.

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Author: Jack FitzSimons
Last Update: 17 February 1999