Licences have been issued for 32 stations. Additionally, two are unlicensed but have approval to broadcast. It is intended that most of these stations will all give national coverage if they do not already do so.

A number of unlicensed stations still operate. The unlicensed stations come and go and often change their names.  They are split between religious and commercial stations. Closing the religious ones down is politically controversial.

Frequencies have been allocated to the licensed stations by the government, 400kHz being allocated to each station. These allocations are shown in squared brackets in the list below. These have not taken frequency allocations in neighbouring countries into consideration and are opposed by some stations who have been given a poor allocation. Nonetheless, the government wanted stations to move to the new frequencies on 10 January 2000 by which time it intended to have closed all the unlicensed stations. Clearly, this did not happen although some of the stations listed below as unlicensed are using the licence of a legal station to cover their operations. Frequencies are sometimes changed slightly to avoid interference.

Many stations broadcast carrier or tone overnight, after programmes have finished or if they lose their programme feed.

Until recently there was no postal delivery system in Lebanon. Mail sent to the addresses below will generally find its way to the station concerned but P.O.Box addresses, where given, may prove more reliable. A contract was signed in July 1998 with a Canadian consortium to re-instate and operate the postal service. They have set up door to door deliveries for the first time in many years. Beirut is currently being organised into postcodes.

Times given below are local. 24h indicates that the station broadcasts 24 hours per day.

Category 1 stations (political)

NBN [89.0-89.4](89.3) Adnan Al Hakim Street, Block A, (or P.O.Box 13-6633, Chouran) Beirut. Tel: 01-841020 Fax: 01-841029 email: [email protected] Internet: www.nbn.com.lb 24h Currently carrying the programme "Risala Radio" Rue Barbour, Beirut.  Tel: 01-667200  Fax: 01-667300  email: [email protected]  Internet: risalaradio.com

Nidaa al Maarifa (The Call of Knowledge)[91.1-91.5] (91.1, 91.3, 91.5) Beirut Al Kubra Building, Salim Selam, Beirut.  Tel: 01-667601  email: [email protected] Internet: www.nidaa.fm Al Ahbash; Association of Islamic Philanthropic Projects.

Radio Liban; Radio Lebanon [96.0-96.4] (96.2) Studio 7, Ministère de l’Information, Rue Emile Edée, Sanayeh, Beirut. Tel: 01-756185 Fax: 01-347489 Internet: www.radioliban.gov.lb French, English, Armenian  24h. Also relays Radio France International 12 hours a day   Often IDs as "RFI"   RDS: PS: RFI_____  PI: 5000

Arabic Service [98.1-98.5]( ) Radio Liban Building, Rue Lyon, Sanayeh (or P.O.Box 4848), Beirut. Tel: 01-343217 0530-0130 mono. Also on 837kHz  ID: "Huna Iza'at Loubnan"

Radio Liban Libre [102.3-102.7](102.3, 102.5, 102.7) Kebbe Building, Adonis, Zouk Mosbeh (or P.O.Box 110, Zouk Mekhael, Jounieh). Tel: 09-225577 Fax: 09-218235 email: [email protected] internet: www.rll.com.lb 24h  mono   ID: "Loubnan al Horr" RDS: PS: _R_L_L__+_Radio_5+_Libre_5+_Libre_5+_9.22_5+_Libre_5 PI: A2EB

Radio of the Light [91.8-92.2](91.7, 91.9, 92.3) Al Noor Building, Abdel Nour Street, Haret Hreïk, (or P.O.Box 25-197, Ghbeiry) Beirut.  Tel: 01-553555. Fax: 01-544110 email: [email protected] Internet: www.alnour.com.lb 0600-0030 ID " Izaat Al Noor"  RDS: PS: ANNOUR_  PI: A35F  Prior to being licensed this station was permitted to operate due to the continuing Israeli occupation of Southern Lebanon and Hezbollah's operations of resistance.

Radio Orient [88.3-88.7](88.3, 88.7) Australia Street, Rawche, (or P.O.Box 13-60 52, Schouran) Beirut. Tel: 01-791466/7 Fax: 01-869772/3 email: [email protected]  Internet: www.radioorientlb.com  24h ID: "Izaat al Shark min Beirut"  RDS PS:  RADIO_ORIENT_88_7-88_3_MHz (Scrolling) PI: A058

Voice of Lebanon  [93.2-93.6](93.1, 93.3, 93.5, 93.6) Bashir Gemayel Avenue, (or P.O.Box 165271) Beirut. Tel: 01-323458 Fax: 01-219290 email: [email protected]   Internet: www.vdl.com.lb  0550-0120  mono   ID: "Saout Lubnan"  RDS: PS: _RADIO__ + VOIX_DU_ + _LIBAN__ + 93_3_FM  PI: A25D  Also used 873kHz & 6550kHz both now thought to be inactive. Carried BBC Arabic 2 hour per day

Voice of the Nation [93.9-94.3]  Borj Abi Haidar, (or P O Box 14/5439) Beirut  Tel: 01-300997  Fax: 01-647044   email: [email protected]  ID: "Saout el Watan"    Not yet on air. ex 1134kHz

Voice of the People [103.7-104.1](103.7, 104.0) Jabal el Arab Street, Wata el Mousaitbeh, (or P.O.Box 14/5425) Beirut. Tel: 01-311809 Fax: 01-313605  ID: "Saout al Shaab" 0600-0100

Voice of Tomorrow [96.7-97.1](96.7, 96.9, 97.1, 98.0) Amaret Chalhoub, Jounieh-Beirut Highway, Jemejian bldg (Daihatsu bldg.) ,4th floor  Tel: 01-881222 Fax: 01-881999 email: [email protected] Internet: www.sawtelghad.com  ID: "Saout al Ghad" RDS:  PS: RADIO + EL-GHAD  PI: A066 Some separate programmes for Syria from the Deïr al Achayer transmitter on 97.1MHz (PI: A061).

Voice of Van [94.6-95.0](94.7, 95.0) 2nd Floor, Shaghzoyan Centre, Borj Hammoud, (or P.O. Box 80-860) Beirut. Tel: 01-267657 Fax: 01-241272. Armenian, Arabic 24h  email: [email protected]  Internet: www.voiceofvan.net ID: "Vana Tsain" 

Voice of Beirut Unity (108.0) Borj Abi Haidar, Beirut, Tel/Fax: 01-707047 

Voice of Liberty (89.7, 89.9, 90.1)  5th floor, Garden Center Building, Tele Liban, Tallet El Khayat, Beirut  Tel: 01-797864 Fax: 01-864800 email: [email protected] Internet: www.sawtalhorria.com  24h  ID: "Saout al Horriya" or "The Voice of Liberty"

Voice of Unity Licensed by the Cabinet (Oct 2000). Will operate in North Lebanon. Islamic Tawheed.

Category 2 stations (entertainment)

Saout Al Bachaer [95.3-95.7](95.3, 95.5, 95.7) Mabarrat Association Building, Bir Hassan Street, ( P O Box 25/83) Beirut. Tel: 01-853805 Fax: 01-857389  Email: [email protected] Internet: www.albachaer.com 0630-2400 (Voice of Faith) Some separate programmes for Syria from the Deïr al Achayer transmitter on 95.3MHz.

Al Quran Al Kareem Radio  [89.7-90.1](93.9, 94.1, 94.3) Dar al Fatwa Building, Ibn Rouchd Street, Aisha Bakkar, Beirut   Tel: 01-795700 Fax: 01-795149 email: [email protected] Internet: www.darfatwa.gov.lb  24h ID: "Dar Al Fatwa Izaat al-Quran al-Kareem min Lubnan"  It is reported that the various frequencies do not transmit in parallel with each other.

Saout Al Mahaba; The Voice of Charity; La Voix de la Charité [105.8-106.2](87.5, 104.4, 105.8, 105.9, 106.0,106.1, 106.2, 107.7) Couvent St Jean, Fouad Chehab St., P.O.Box 850, Jounieh. Tel: 09-918090 Fax: 09-930272 email: [email protected] Internet: www.radiocharity.org Arabic, French, English, Armenian 24h mono   Also relays Vatican Radio programmes (and is relayed by Vatican Radio).  RDS: PS: __VOIX__ + _DE_LA__ + _CHARITE_ PI: A1CC. Unlicensed but broadcasts with Cabinet approval.

Saout el Mada [92.5-92.9](92.5, 92.7, 92.9) 2nd floor, Mirna el Chalouhi Centre, Sin el Fil, ( P O Box 90-1346) Beirut  Tel: 01-488001. Internet: www.sawtelmada.com  Email: [email protected] Launched  May 2009. Allied to the Free Patriotic movement. These frequencies were originally licensed to France FM. RDS: PS: "SAWT_AL_"+"MAD____A"+"LET'S_GO" PI: A292

Jaras Scoop FM [100.9-101.3](100.9, 101.1, 101.3) Henry Saab Street, Antablian Bldg 4th Floor, Hazmiyé  Tel:05-958881 Fax: 05-958883 email: [email protected] Internet: www.radio-scope.com www.jarasfm.com

Light FM [90.4-90.8](90.5, 90.7) 3rd Floor, Private Club building, Dekwaneh, Cityrama, Sin el Fil, Beirut. Tel/Fax: 01-513517   email: [email protected] Internet: www.radiolightfm.com stereo  RDS: PS: Light_FM PI: A080

M.B.S. (Master Broadcasting Station) [107.2-107.6](107.2, 107.5)  1st Floor, St Paul building, facing La Cite, Haret Sakhre, Jounieh  Tel: 09-912911 Fax: 09-635933 email: [email protected] Some separate programmes for Syria from the Deïr al Achayer transmitter on 107.2MHz. RDS: PS: __MBS___ PI: 607D

Melody FM [99.5-99.9](99.5, 99.7, 99.9) 3rd Floor, Habib Centre, Sin el Fil Highway, Beirut Tel: 01-510850 Fax: 01-510854 email: [email protected] Internet: www.melody.fm

Mix FM [104.4-104.8](104.4, 104.5, 104.7) VdL Building, Alfred Naccache Avenue, (or P.O.Box 16-6815) Achrafieh, Beirut  Tel: 01-333288  Fax: 01-217788 email: [email protected] Internet: www.mixfm.com.lb stereo RDS:  PS: _MIX_FM_  PI: A396

Nostalgie [87.6-88.0](87.7, 88.0) 1st Floor, Studiovision Building, Naccache, Metn. Tel: 04-444088. Fax: 04-444000. email: [email protected] Internet: www.nostalgie.com.lb 24h RDS: PS: NOSTLGIE + _LIBAN__ PI: 93C9

NRJ Lebanon [98.8-99.2](95.1, 98.8, 99.1) Studiovision Building,  Naccache, Metn  Tel/Fax: 04 444 000.  email: [email protected] Internet: www.nrjlebanon.com  24h stereo RDS: PS: _RML_FM_  PI: 93C8  Now IDs as "NRJ" or "99FM"

Pax Radio [103.0-103.4](103.1, 103.3, 103.4) 6th floor, Sea Sweet building, Fouad Chehab Avenue, Mkallès, Beirut. Tel: 01-888622 Email: [email protected]  Internet: www.paxradio.net 24h stereo

Radio Delta [101.6-102.0](101.7, 101.9, 102.0, 103.4) 5th Floor, Hitachi Centre, Jdeideh Highway, Beirut. Tel: 01-495222. Fax: 01-498333 email: [email protected] Internet: www.radiodelta.fm  Arabic 24h mono.  

Radio Liban Star [100.2-100.6](100.2, 100.5) Zakhem Building, Beit Meri el Metn. Tel: 04-872832 Fax: 04-872444 Email : [email protected] ID: "Noujoum Loubnan"

Radio One [105.1-105.5](105.1, 105.5) Zakhem Building, Beit Meri el Metn. Tel: 04-872111 Fax: 04-972818 email: [email protected]  Internet: www.radioone.fm  24h stereo  RDS: PS: RadioOne  PI: A200.  Also via Nilesat satellite.

Radio Scope (Bekaa)(100.0) facing Tal-Shiha Hospital, Tal-Shiha, Zahlé. Tel:08-806200 fax: 08-822730  0600-2400. Once again there are two Radio Scopes; one serving only Zahlé and another national service. These are no longer operated by the same company.

Radio Sevan (90.8, 101.3, 101.5) Ground Floor, Khederlarian Building, Khashadourian Street, Mar Mikhael, Beirut  Tel: 01-567161  Fax: 01-567186 Email: [email protected] Internet: www.radiosevan.com  Armenian

Radio Strike [97.4-97.8](97.4, 97.7) 2nd floor, Abi Jaber Building, Al Saideh Street, Sin El-Fil, Beirut. Tel: 01-510517 Fax: 01-510519  email: [email protected] Internet: www.radiostrike.com  0800-2400

Sound of Music [106.5-106.9](106.5, 106.7, 106.9) 7th Floor, Wadih Nasrallah Centre, Rue Al-Anwar, Jdeideh, Beirut. Tel: 01-878819   Fax: 01-602222    email: [email protected] Internet: www.sawtelmousika.com 0630-0200 stereo ID: "Saout al Moussika"
Voice of Stars (95.9, 107.8, 108.0) 7th Floor Kracht Building, near Saidet al Intikal Church, Ghazalieh Street, Sioufi, Achrafieh, Beirut. Tel/Fax: 01-339100. 24h ID: "Saout al Noujoum"  email: [email protected]  Internet: www.sawtelnoujoum.com RDS: PI: A3FF


Other (unlicensed) stations

Aghani Aghani (98.9)  Internet: www.aghaniaghani.com/  Arabic   RDS: PS: AGHANI__ PI: A101

Al-Fajr (Radio Dawn) (100.7, 104.9, 107.7)  Islamic Propagation Centre, Aisha, Bakkar, Beirut Tel: 01-751157 Email: [email protected] Internet: www.fajrradio.com  Islamic fundamentalist group Al-Jamar Al-Islamiya RDS: PS: AL-FAJR_ PI: A2B1 ID: ID: "Izaat al Fajr"

Arabic Voice (96.5)  Borj Abi Haidar, Beirut ID: "Saout al-Arabi"

Arabic Voice of Beirut (108.0) Bourj abi Haidar, Beirut. ID: "Saout Beirut Lubnan al-Arabi"

Green Lebanon R (107.4) Adab Ishac Street, Beirut Tel: 01-219980   ID: "Lubnan al-Akhdar"

Irtiqaa Way Radio (87.5, 96.3, 96.5, 98.5) Internet: www.irtiqaaway.com 

Islamic Reunification Radio (95.0) ID: "Iza'at al Tawhid al Islami"

Nida al-Iman (89.2)

Parliament of the Shiite Council (105.2) ID: "Majless al-Shi'ii

Radio City (89.7) Beirut

Radio Liban Culture (88.5, 92.3) Central College, Jouneih Tel: 09-910669 email: [email protected]

Radio New Power (93.8) Beirut

Radio Sawa (87.7, 98.3) email: [email protected] Internet: www.radiosawa.com  Using one of Radio Nostalgie's frequencies.

Virgin Radio (89.5) Jal al-Dib highway, Beirut. email: [email protected] Internet: www.virginradiolebanon.com  RDS: PS: _VIRGIN_ PI: A2B8 From 1 May 2013.

Voice of Freedom  (104.7) Kleiaat    ID:"Saout Al Horriah"

Voice of Islam (89.5) unlicenced muslim religious station. irregular ID:"Saout Al-Islam"

Voice of Love (101.2) Kleiaat  ID:"Saout al-Hobb"



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