A photograph of Fatqa, October 1997 (42k)


G.C.: 34° 01' N  35° 39' E   Altitude 500m

Radio One, 94.0MHz, shares 4 dipoles with La France FM on 92.7MHz on a tower on the building roof just left of centre. On the same tower Sawt al Ghad has 1 dipole (96.9MHz).

There are four more towers near this site:

The LBC tower is to the left of the rooftop tower. It has UHF & VHF TV antennas, microwave links, 4 dipoles for RLL (103.1MHz), 2 tiers of 4 mixed polarised panels, apparantly never used, and some redundant Shively antennas which used to be used by  Magic 102. Fame FM now has an antenna on the LBC tower too.

Out of sight on this photo are the PTT, Libancell and MTV towers.

Further away, on another building, are 4 dipoles for LVDC on 87.5MHz

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Author: Jack FitzSimons
Last Update: 17 February 1999