There are quite a  few programs to monitor the packet transmissions from the international space station ( AFSK 1200 ) the uiss program is a dedicated program for the space station, thou any AFSK 1200 program will be fine


      See my note regarding the agw program - this is what you will see if its not enabled / installed correctly

  To control your transmitter too will need an interface of some kind for ptt / audio out from the computer to the tcvr microphone / audio into the computer sound card. You could make one yourself check my circuit’s page out 





for some images from the recent space walk click this lnk

A good sstv program for sstv transmissions from the space station can be downloaded from

The frequency used for transmissions is 145.800 mhz

 The mode is usually pd120 - below is a screen shot from the program - pc only won't run on a raspberry pi

For a raspberry pi sstv program see the official qsstv download site


telemetry from the international  space station

following the link here  

or have a look at a sample of the telemetry ( obviously out of date now ) below

sample telemetry from the space station - probably easier to just look at the 'live' site


  what radio frquencies are used  by the international space station ham radio operators ?   check this site

   what antenna is required ? - i built a crossed dipole which i use and it seems to work ok

   uiss packet program  -

  trutty - download from here -  it has a afsk 1200 packet radio facility

  agw packet engine - download from here

  live stream from the international space station

  wxtrack - so you know when to listen

  gpredict -  so you know when to listen

 gpredict ver 2.2.1 - easy install on rpi 3


* important - for the uiss packet  program to run you need  to have the agw program running first, the link to the agw software is a few years old but it works and the version of agw there is free whereas i think that the new version of agw has to be paid for *


GQRX will only run on a raspberry pi - GPREDICT has a windows version as well as a version of software for the raspberry pi

Above is a screen shot of GQRX



The above is a screen shot of GPREDICT which will show you where all the satellites are - NOAA wx satellites, space station etc


   you can download gpredict for the raspberry pi from here

  compiling gpredict on the raspberry pi

 gpredict ver 2.2.1  -  easy install on rpi 3

  gqrx has a afsk 1200 packet de-modulator on it - make sure you put the right version on theres a difference between rpi 2 & rpi 3 !

  multimon ng   - will decode pager signals and afsk1200 plus numerous other protocol


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