Villa Griffone

The Birthplace of Wireless

Possibly one of the most important locations in the development of wireless communications, for it was here where Marconi conducted his initial experiments with Wireless.


Villa Griffone

The imposing Villa Griffone as seen from the main road. Marconi's Mausoleum is at road level and built into the side of the hill to the front of the Villa.

The Villa is now owned by the University of Bologna and does contain a number of laboratories of the Department of Electronics, Informatics and Systems Theory and the offices of the "Fondazione Guglielmo Marconi". Fortunately, Marconi's Attic Laboratory and the Museum are open to visitors.

Visitors do need to pre-book a visit, and at the time of writing (Autumn 2003) there are two guided tours per day - one in the mornings intended for Italian speaking visitors, and another in the afternoon for English speakers. Entry and the tour is free of charge. On my visit, there were about 30 visitors attending so it was somewhat crowded. Bookings may be made by calling the Fondazione Guglielmo Marconi on +39 051846121 or +39 051846222

There are no refreshments of other facilities available for visitors. A small selection of books and other study material is available for purchase from the Museum Office.

Villa Griffone is located just of the main Bologna - Florence Autostrade to the South of Bologna. Leave the Autostrade at the "Sasso Marconi" exit and immediately go west crossing a bridge over a river. Signs to the Marconi Mausoleum clearly mark the route. It very well sign posted and virtually impossible to miss it!

Wall Plaque

The text translates "In honour of Guglielmo Marconi, who was still a young man when he lived in this house, through his talent and studies invented the Wireless Telegraph in the year 1895. Admired by Italy and by Europe."


The rear of Villa Griffone

The wall plaque (second window top left) marks the location of Marconi's attic laboratory.



Marconi's Laboratory Window.

The text translates "From here Marconi sent the first radio signal in the Spring of 1895"


Signs in the grounds of the Villa.

The text of the left sign states "the care and respect of this place is entrusted to the education of the visitors", and the right sign names Helston as a "twin town" of Sasso Marconi.


Villa Griffone Layout


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