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Calling all Radio Amateurs and Short wave Listeners

National Mills Weekend

Mills on the air weekend will take place on

May 8th 9th 2004

The S.P.A.B. Mills section (Society for the protection of ancient building) run this event every year on or around the second weekend in May and Denby Dale Radio Society are co-ordinating the Radio side of this event.

This event is not a contest; we would like you to have a good time, Promote Amateur Radio while helping to preserve some of our heritage.


If you would like to take part by running a station approach a Wind or Watermill, ask if they are taking part would they like to have an Amateur Radio Station as part of there event to promote awareness of the mill.

Tell them about the QSL cards and how it could be of benefit to them, they may even provide a picture and help with cost of printing.

PLEASE NOTE that all clubs/groups or individuals MUST have their own INSURANCE for the event D.D.A.R.S take no responsible for running of your station.

When you have the details of the Station Please will you register on our website so we can keep everyone up to date with the latest news?

For those of you who are unable to take part at a mill the AWARD CERTIFICATE will continue as usual.

Work or (SWL's hear) 10 stations or more over the weekend, send a copy of your Log (QSL cards not required) with a donation of £3-00 or more payable to DDARS: Brian G0BFJ QTHR proceeds will go to the S.P.A.B. Mills renovation fund.