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Just For Fun.................. Stand To !
The museum is happy to provide a talk to your club or society along with a demonstration of equipment.

Talks recently given include:

The RSS Reunion 2012, Blechley Park. (read here)
The Probus Club, Hagley branch.

Telford 2007 display. On show were French and Russian Bomber sets, various Japanese WW2 set including a very rare walkie talkie, a US Spy set and other bits.
telford1 telford2
VE-Day celebrations and a chance encounter with Mr Churchill and the Great Bernard Law Mongomery.

Bodmin, 2005, military radio display in the Signals (!!) Box at Bodmin Station.

High praise, a visit from the Prime Minister (at least one we would want visiting!)
visit gates
and again, acting as escort to his person at the Sevice conducted on the Sunday.

The operating position, Nov 2003. Trusty old T1154 and R1155 for the vintage contacts, Eddystone 830 for listening around, Racal PRM-4031 hf transceiver for ssb qso's.
D-Day, 6th June 2004.. 60th Commemoration of D-Day 1944.

peg60 glider
The two of us against the Pegasus Bridge sign, next to the first house to be liberated in Frnce.
Below, the Horsa glider mock up recently completed at the Airborne Museum at Pagasus.
The picture is a composite, from 3 snaps.

Donnington Rally, 2004, The display stand being manned by the more that able Gloria.

Bodmin... 2004
Ideal Cat
catcher !!
Italian POW
far too friendly

Kemble MVT
Show, 2003
Fig 1
some of the gear
on display
Fig 2
Take cover
Fig 3
underground in
war time bunker
Fig 4

Me and a certain famous person, one with the same name as I. A brief encounter !

LLandudno rally, 2002.The first showing of the Hellschreiber.
Gloria's latest
headgear.. Miss Tank
commander 2002
Ready for take
off, Brittania

Berkley Castle Glostershire, 2000. On duty, awaiting orders
berk berkcastle cannock
Above: The camp at Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, 2000.

At RAF Cosford, Staffordshire, 2000. On parade.

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