Phones in the Military Wireless Museum collection plus those of G Roberts

Slight deviation now, phones, some military, some domestic. The domestic department is organised by Gloria Roberts.
Miltary Phones in the collection.

LEFT: A Japanese Field telephone, dated Feb 1943

RIGHT: A French field phone now, believed to be WW1 ? if anyone can shed light on it I'd be most obliged.

LEFT: A US made 6 line Exchange for battle field use etc.

RIGHT: A set of German WWII Field Phones, bakerlite, very nice styling, a little different to our Type F.

WW2 German Offices desk phone.

Domestic Phone collection of G.R.

Extension Phones
exten1 exten2

Exchange types now.

Another small desk exchange but note the labels, more research needed on this one.

A Nice Doll's Eye exchange, will make a nice addition to the internal network.

Gloria is keen to expand this section, if you have any unusual vintage military or domestic phones she would like to hear from you.

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