links to other interesting sites. Let me know if you find a good one and I'll add it to the list.

  • Fort Perch Rock Museum
    This is a very interesting looking museum, for Marine Radio service in the main but interesting Marconi connections. .

  • Bletchley Park
    This is the place where the British intelligence service broke many codes during and after WWII, including the famous Enigma codes. Bletchley Park (BP for short) is now a museum and it open to the public every day. A good map of BP can be found here.

  • RKK Radio Museum
    This is the site for Russian Radios of WW2 and later. Very good pictures and a very helpfull curator..

  • Kurrajong Radio Museum
    This Australian site is for Radios of WW2 and later. Really good pictures and information. curator..

  • Royal Navy's Radio Museum
    This is a super site for Royal Navy sets old and recent. With a very helpfull staff and curator..

    RAF Henlow is the home of the RAF Signals Museum. This Museum attempts to tell the story of RAF signals. .

  • Duxford Radio Society
    The Duxford Radio Society forms the Radio Section at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridge, England. It consists of a group of volunteer radio specialists who research, conserve, restore, display and operate historic military radio, radar and navigation equipment to support the Imperial War Museum. .

  • Royal Corps of Signals Museum
    The Royal Corps of Signals Museum is located in Blandford Camp in the beautiful Dorset countryside and only a stone's throw from the scenic and interesting Georgian Town of Blandford Forum. It is the national museum of Army communications and the exhibits and displays show the part that communications have played in the many wars and campaigns of the last 150 years. The Museum collection is regarded as being of National importance and the excellent Archives are recognised by the Public Record Office. .

  • Japanese Radio Museum
    Yokohama WW2 museum for Japanese Military radios. In Japanese but some English and good pictures. .

  • Signals Collection '40-'45
    Home of allied army, navy & airforce radio & radar equipment of WWII. A Dutch site but in English..

  • Museum Jan Corver
    This is the Dutch Ham Radio Museum that is located in the south of The Netherlands, close to Eindhoven. It's a small but very interesting museum, showing the history of radio amateurism from WWII to the present.

  • Museum Verbindingsdienst
    The Royal Dutch Signals Museum is one of the key places in the Netherlands to see the history of the Army's Signals Department. They have many historical communications and cipher devices on display.

  • Antique Wireless Association of Southern Africa
    The AWASA is a non-profit organization run by volunteers for all radio amateurs, short wave listeners and anybody who has an interest in older types of short wave radios and other equipment, such as test equipment from earlier days.

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