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or........ El Museo dedicó a la Radio Militar....... Il dedicated di Museo alla Radio Militare
Surplus Radio Museum..................... Museu dedicou a Rádio Militar.....Museum dedisert til militærRadio

A few sets from outside of the UK. I have sets from various countries, always interested in acquiring new examples at any time.



A Belgian made BRD-510C manpack, am,cw and ssb, 10W, 2 to 12MHz. 12v battery. Set came with its mobile mount for vehicle use, rolls of wire and attachments to make field antenna and its mains powered psu/charger.


A Belgian made special forces set, the RST-101. Very small but works very well indeed for such a simple design. This set came with a hand generator and the antenna and poles fr field use. In operation its a very interesting set to play with.
rst101 rst-101a rst-101b


Dutch replacemnent for WS19. Very easy to use set and well made. Very popular in Holland.



A Chinese set now, the 129B receiver, transistorised, made late 60's, as used by the VC apparently. Nice little set, runs of D cells, obviously plentyful in the jungle then ! The rx formed part of the Type 81 backpack set shown next to it
139b china81


Another chinese set, the Type 73, hf manpack, as used in Nam apparently. Verynice litte set, used it this morning on AM, about 1.5 to 2Watt, and worked North Wales (long wire antenna). The set has a most unusual whip, it has a taped centre loaded coil and a fold up capacity hat. Most interesting.
china73a china73b

TYPE 884

Yet other Chinese sets, the 884 VHF manpack (left), very compact, came with all the bits and (right) the 339 HF RX.
884 339rx

TYPE 102

Another two Chinese sets, left the Type 102. This uses the 139 receiver, the valve version of the 139B above. Tx is about 8w AM, 15w CW.
Right: Transceiver type 889, Chinese VHF set, vehicle mounted.

102b chinese

TYPE 222/1

Shortwave receiver, 222-1, covers 1.5 to 30 MHz in 5 ranges 1.5-3, 3-6, 6-12, 12-20 and 20-30 MHz. / 14 TUBES: 6K7 6K7 6U1 6K4(5 pcs) 6H2 6J1 6F2 6P1 WL8P WY-1 / Material: aluminium case / 4 IF bandwidths are available: 0.4, 1.5, 3.0 and 6 kHz / internal multimeter intended for diagnostics / Antenna gain control / RF gain control / IF gain control / volume control / Audio Output: 600 ohm or headphone / Dimensions: 500 x 450 x 300 mm / 19.7 x 17.7 x 11.8 inch / Weight: receiver 48.5 lbs., power supply 11.5 lbs., total 60 lbs. or 28 Kg.



LEFT: The Finnish VREH hf tx/rx, war time set, power supply, batteries and rotary, are housed in a similar sized box. RIGHT: Scandinavian set, the Finnish LV661 Special Forces set, 3 to 5 Mhz, 1 watt on tx.

The LV-302 VHF set


PM7D and 10WBr/m39

A recent addition from the Swedish military. The PM7D or 2W Barbar Radio station. 1940 era. Now fully working. 300mW o/p but still able to make contacts on 80Mtrs.
pm7d 10wbr

10 W Br/m39, Transmission telegraphy without tone (A1) and telephony (A3) O/P 5-7 W at A1, 6-8 W at A3 Frequency Response 2.5 to 5.0 MHz

Swedish Army 25 W Bl m/39 set


Also from the cold climes of Sweden we have a couple of sets that work even in our temperatures.
LEFT: The RA-190 is a Special Forces set,small, light, battery powered and a very nice set to use.
ra190 ra200


RIGHT The RA-200 is the 190's big brother, field set, carried by a three man team this set is higher powered and can run off either internal batteries or an external hand cranked generator.

SKANTI Denmark

LEFT: Not quite military but an interesting set, Skanti TRP6000 marine set. Top unit is receiver and transnitter, below is auto atu and power amplifier unit (400W PEP). rx is LW up to 4.5MHz, tx is 1.6 to 4.5MHz

Right: Skanti (Plessey) TRP8255 hf comms set, 250w multi mode. used by British military under Plessey badge.



The Italian, IRET, made VRC-247A hf set. This is the 24v vehicle version, the manpack version has an atu builtin.


Another Italian set, the NOVA spy set, WW2.
novarxtx novarx novatx



Left: From somewhere a little warmer now, this is the South African TECO set. Made in 1941 it appeares to be similar to the WS18 in its role. Back pack, man carried, low power, battery driven.

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