Military Wireless Museum....Museum dedicated to Military Radios located Kidderminster, U.K.

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An early shot of one of the "bunkers" previously, wall to wall sets, some awaiting restoration, others complete and operating. Top to bottom, left to right: WS C12, Undulator, Type 78 rx, Command tx. next shelf: S-38 on outside, 38 set AFV amp, French WWII rx, German SK and EK, Command rx's. next shelf: TCS outside, 62 set, R109 on top of BC141, 2 HRO rx's, 22 set, GRC 9 psu. next shelf: Russian R107 in box, WS No 32 on top of Sg Corp line Amp,52 set rx, 19 set hp amp, PRC rx.

manakin1 bunker manakin2
Other side of the bunker now, top to bottom, left to right. Hall S-38, TW Communicator, Command tx, 88 Set AFV, French RS560, next row: psu's, Type C wavemeter (Aussie), HRO, GPO test set, next row: R206, R551N, Eddystone 358, next row: AR88D, AR88LF, Reece Mace, R1147A.

bunker5 bunker3
Other wall, RAF Speaker, and several Indiators, l to r, H2S test set, ASV Radar, H2S, Gee, Gee.

One of the other previous rooms.




LEFT: The new museum building with one of the first visitors, Tony Bell, Militaria Display & Signals Manager of the National Military Vehicle Museum (NMVM) South Australia, who paid a visit during his tour of the UK. Note the 'photo-shop' of the planned paint scheme.

Right: The new Doublet antenna system allowing access to ll the HF bands from the museum.,

Inside the new building the display starts to take shape.

The museums collection of Eddystone sets.

And finally. The Author..... "I look forward to welcoming you to the museum soon."


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