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Fantastic day at the Military Wireless Musem with the visit of Dr Mark "Enigma" Baldwin. He is an international expert and professional speaker on the Enigma Machine, the History of Cryptography, and the Special Operations Executive, and has delivered more than 700 talks to over 60,000 people on these topics, all over the world. It was fantastic to get so close with "hands on" a real machine. The museum thanks Mark for his visit.

So, having an original Enigma carrying case I decided it was high time to try annd make a replica. In a real machine there are several hundred parts, some cast, some machined. 3D prining would be the way to go but I do not have a 3D printer. So, it will be down to the good old fashioned Junior Hacksaw and hammer basically. I did find somewhere though ages ago a plug board, the key holder and the lamp holder so there's the start.

I found a great website with detailed drawings
of the Enigma parts, great for getting dimensions etc.
a typical drawing from that site.

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