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newsletter july 2002





http://www.qsl.net/g3zhi [email protected] tel:01709 799911


12 weeks to 6 months to get a repeater on the air (rmc repeater report nov 2000)

Timescales for dealing with the various stages of the licensing process have been agreed, this being a major complaint for many groups.
The various stages are explained in the guide and if the new timescales are successful then from submission of correct and full paperwork to issue of an NoV should take about 12 weeks for a repeater where amateurs have primary use of the band to 6 months where we are secondary users. The majority of this time is taken up by the various Government departments involved, and really cannot be expected to reduce much. Having said that, recent approvals have been forthcoming so quickly that the groups concerned have been delighted, and certainly have not been in a position to place their units in operation.


applying for an internet repeater link NOV?

The RA has requested that full details of stations being used to provide Internet links to repeaters be included on all future applications. The following data is required: -


presently pete g4bvv links the repeater most of the day on a dialup to irlp but that will change when a new NOV is issued and it will be connected on a high speed link.- this will make reflectors available again, as you cannot connect to reflectors using a dialup connection. we have had to apply again for a new NOV as the first application to the rsgb repeater management group got lost.

Slow take-up of 7.6MHz spaced repeaters on 70cm from (repeater report nov 2000)

In spite of obtaining agreement in principle for 7.6MHz spacing repeaters on 70cm take up has been disappointingly slow. As yet no dedicated Internet repeaters have been proposed in spite of the supposed demand earlier in the year and we have processed only one additional "normal" unit. So come on guys; we have done our bit by clearing the way; where are your proposals?

more 2m channels for internet linking

about a 9 months ago ukirlp asked the rsgb for more 2m frequencies forinternet linking we have never received a reply. as the ra subcontract this work to the rsgb it is little disappointing when we don’t even get a reply from them - we may have to write again

rsgb rmc committee member on Internet linking from the rmc minutes 21st april 2001 http://www.coldal.org.uk/mins0104.htm

We have received an application from M0AZM to join the committee as a VoIP expert. M0AZM will be invited to the next RMC meeting. ian norton m0azm now appears to have resigned so the rmc are still looking for a person who is a voip expert for internet linking projects

new irlp nodes

2 in leeds july 2002

1 in carlisle july 2002

new nodes are planned from for Leicester and Scotland

most are simplex but we could do with more repeaters connected to irlp

a number of boards have been sold in uk that have yet to appear on the air

articles on irlp

g3zhi has had an article published about irlp in ‘world radio’ which is an America ham magazine

articles have also appeared about irlp in cq vhf may 2002, radcom and radio active

other linking systems

eQSO and eCHOLINK and iLINK are windows based programs that can be downloaded from http://www.qsl.net/g3zhi and can be used for chatting to other hams on voice from your computer requiring a microphone and soundcard attached to it. 

sstv experiments

sstv experiments have been carried out using sstv over the reflectors and simplex links while it is ok to transmit sstv on some repeaters in the usa and vk it is at the present time it not ok to do so on repeaters in the uk so that must be avoided . g3zhi has sent and received sstv pictures using berts g4nji’s kenwood vhc-1 sstv handheld unit with melbourne and palm springs california while out cycling. this was done using berts 145.2875 irlp simplex link in rotherham.

lottery grant

one radio club got 6,000 for new equipment so maybe it’s a good idea to apply for a lottery grant to help fund the internet linking project in the uk.

irlp publicity

we will soon be issuing a press release about internet linking to the local press.

sign up for adsl

if you want broadband adsl fast internet access please sign up for adsl on the bt web site (especially if you live in the maltby area hi!)


a list of all uk internet links simplex frequencies


club talks

please contact g3zhi if you would like a club talk on irlp. ukirlp also offer full help in installing a node and backup to those new to linux.

dtmf keypads

these are available for 2.50p inc p&p) from g3zhi there are still plenty left.

donations for the new doncaster node

2 donations have been received for the doncaster node 30 and 5. ukirlp are looking for more donations to help with the installation of the new node which requires a computer, an irlp board, a uhf radio psu and an aerial – all donations are gratefully received.

gb3wj scunthorpe repeater on soon

gb3wj on 433.125 will soon be linked to irlp making available over 500 repeaters it can be connected

a list of all the uk irlp nodes (for the frequencies used check the irlp web site)

Node Type Location Owner Freq ctss
510 Simplex Sheffield G4CUI 431.150
512 Repeater (GB3EE) Sheffield M1ERS 433.300
513 Repeater (GB3DV) Maltby G4BVV 433.025 71.9
514 Simplex Mexborough G0FUO 430.0625
515 Repeater (GB3US) Sheffield G4CUI 433.000 103.9
517 Simplex Leeds G6YWH 431.175
520 Simplex Rotherham G4NJI 145.2875
521 Simplex Burnley G8UVE 145.2875
522 Simplex Southport G4EID 431.200
523 Simplex Southport G4EID 145.3375
524 Repeater (GB3LI)Liverpool 433.250 241.8
528 Simplex Lancaster G6PHF 431.075
530 Simplex Carlisle M5GUY 145.2875
535 Simplex Melton Mowbray G7PCT 430.075
540 Repeater (GB3PZ) Manchester G0XEL 430.900
550 Simplex Sheffield M1ERS Experimental
551 Simplex Edinburgh MM0GEQ 145.2875 94.8
560 Repeater (GB3LV) London G1CAY 433.050 82.5

9y4at jeff visits

on wednesday 10th July 9y4at visited to south yorkshire. pete g4bvv and g3zhi picked him up at doncaster railway station along with richard m1enz. our first stop was to visit the finningley radio club and peter g3uwt kindly showed us around the club. the club house is open all day Wednesday and Saturday and welcomes visitors. next on to darrell’s g0fuo for lunch. darrel owns ‘the chippy’ in mexborough and runs node 514 on 430.0625. jeff was able to talk to his brother 9y4tl via darrels node to his own node back in trinidad 9y4at on a hand held while travelling in the car.

jeff is an airline pilot with bwia and flies regularly between trinidad and london. His callsign is ‘west900’ to uk and from uk ‘west901’ listen 5598khz 6628khz 8825khz 8906khz 11309khz for jeff talking with shannon air traffic control as he crosses the atlantic.

For a picture of the plane he flies goto http://www.airliners.net/open.file/248898/L/

uk repeaters having internet links available (there are over 300 repeater in UK)

gb3ee chesterfield

gb3dv maltby

gb3us sheffield

gb3li liverpool

gb3lv liverpool

gb3na barnsley

gb3hh buxton

gb3wj scunthrope (soon)

gb3ds worksop

gb3lm lincoln

gb3bn bracknell

gb3cl clacton

gb3sy barnsley

gb3tp keithley


gb3gn aberdeen

gb3xn langold (soon)


doncaster irlp simplex node

m1enz richard is to provide an irlp link in doncaster on 430.075 soon

ra stop rsgb news on internet gateways

the RSGB has been informed by the radiocommunications agency that it is not in a position to agree to any Internet gateways carrying the GB2RS news service at the present time and for the foreseeable future. The Society, which warmly welcomes this type of innovation, is obviously very disappointed at this news, but understands that the RA wishes to consider a number of licensing issues before allowing this type of amateur operation. Further details on this announcement can be obtained from the RA. (rsgb news)

vhf repeater donated to irlp Caribbean project

the south yorkshire repeater group has kindly donated a vhf repeater to jeff 9y4at to install a new repeater on one of the islands in the caribbean

listen live on the internet to reflector 2

if you go to this url you can listen to the live streaming audio on reflector 2

using live 365 http://www.kwarc.org/listen available 24x7 

uk meeting every Sunday at 2000 BST on reflector 970

this will give a chance for users to get on and discuss what’s happening on irlp

in the uk. all are welcome node owners and users. lets try and activate as many uk nodes as possible every week.


ve7ltd has moved

dave the inventor of irlp has moved to alberta from vancouver. he can now be found on node 131.

g4eid mark southport

mark g4eid is one of the irlp installers and works very hard installing and fixing problems as they come along.

irlp run by small group of dedicated volunteers

irlp is kept running with the help of the following dave ve7ltd is the head of the project vk2yx pete in sydney, nate wy0x in denver and mark g4eid southport who along with dave ve7ltd are installers and technical help/backup. james ww4m manages the database and makes sure all the entries are correct and up to date.

pete g4bvv wins 25

peter g4bvv owner of node 513 in maltby won 25 at the york radio rally prize draw.

irlp at airports and ports

if you know anyone who does a lot of flying or sails the world on their yatch or on a cruise ship make sure they know about irlp. next time they are at an airport or in harbour there may be a local irlp link that they can use to talk home on a handheld.

1,000 new irlp boards

ve7ltd has just had 1,000 irlp boards made so we can look forward to plenty of new nodes coming on the air

new number scheme

a new digit is to be added to make the number you call 5 digits instead of 4. This make the numbers available rise from 1000 to 10000.

feedback and items for newsletter

please send these to [email protected] qthr

if have any questions on irlp or any internet linking in general or please contact ian g3zhi 01709 799911

73 ian g3zhi