W2fla/kq2h 10m repeater in upstate new york

kq2h located in new york state is an fm 10m repeater on 29.620mhz and has been coming through loud and clear in the afternoons

kq2h is also available on echolink via w2fla node number 146625

the repeater runs 1.3kw and is part of a repeater network that has 8 multiple inputs and output frequencies

when the band is open to europe is gets very busy on kq2h and when the propagation closes to europe in our evening it opens up to texas the caribbean south america and the west coast and also occasionally to australia and new zealand

at busy times and if the propagation is changing all the time you have to be quick to work stations as they fade in and out as they are coming in from different locations

kq2h has an egroup and anyone is welcome to join

the repeater is open to all

the ctcss is 146.200khz and the shift is minus 100khz

to listen live on line go to


yahoo egroup


repeater book listing


repeater details and map


kq2h repeater details