Amateur radio on a smartphone using free wifi

Ian, G3ZHI writes:

Many places today offer free wifi, banks, supermarkets food

outlets, public libraries, trains and buses etc. You do not even

have to be a customer to pick up their wifi signal on your

smartphone using wifi scan. You can usually access the signal

in the street so the wifi provider does not have to be open if

its on 24x7.

Here is a sample of useful amateur radio programs that are

free from the smartphone play store, there are many more

you might like to try, just search for them.

repeater book this

shows a list of local repeaters with the

nearest at the top. Also shows frequencies, ctcss and if

irlp/echolink enabled.

echolink talk

to fellow hams around the world

echolink finder finds

your local echolink gateway

irlp finder finds

your local irlp gateway

aprs viewer maps

stations positions that are sending out


qrz lookup

the address of a ham

skype send

live video to someone you maybe talking to

on the radio


More ham radio apps