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G3WZZ UP THE TOWERYes, Andrew G3WZZ really is at the top of the 100 foot tower singing the song, and Lissa is really up at 66 feet singing the harmony vocal! you will need real player to see him.





A picture of my shack, rig now an Kenwood TS-590.The linear amplifier is a "Amp UK" Challenger (2x3CX800-A7) which runs very cool @ 400 W. On CW I use a Bencher paddle. My favourite band's are 160-80-40, CW. Occasionally I listen on the other bands. My interests is experimenting with aerials, my main aerial is a 180ft Inverted L. This aerial is fed with 50ohm coaxial cable at the bottom of the mast into a variable capacitor, tuning is done with small motor with control unit in the shack. The aerial is connected to an extensive ground radial systems.

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Old Sam.
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Morse Magnificent

This is the site for you CW op


This is the view from the house. In the distance you can see the shack and 40ft vertical. The two aerials what I am experimenting with at the moment, are the 40Ft  vertical and a inverted L. If you are serious about working DX on 80 you might want to consider a similar system. More info coming soon.

G3SED Mike Devereux. Mike is the boss of Nevada and is a very well known radio amateur and member of FOC. His favourite is top band. Mike also operated on the Spratly Island (9M0C) (D68C) (3B9C) expedition and many others around the world. For excellent after sales service try Nevada, I have for year's and been very happy with the organization. Simply The Best.

Linear Amp UK Ltd  Europe's leading Manufacturer of HF/VHF/UHF Amplifiers. Need a proper tuner, no 'lossy' ferrite balun, no messy roller coaster.  Then  the Balanced Super tuner's are available in two models.  If you need specialist applications Contact Peter G3ZRS.
Have a look at this site for all your Home brew info, circuits for beginner, transmitter circuit, receiver's atu etc.
G3YXM  Dave you would normallally find Dave on 160 but recently on 136kHz. Information & Technical Related Links - 500W Mosfet HF Amplifier + Construction Projects & Other links to Amateur related sites - Plus good links !
A worded description of the regular amateur RADIO NETS held by the Society: this page has its own subsidiary links to the two separate detailed tables of Nets (listed on a daily basis Monday-Friday and Weekends) and the preferred frequencies used by Members.
VK3EW Dave. Dx on 160 80 good signal. Visit is site. Gud on ye'r cobber.           
QRZ Checkout this site for a lot of radio mods plus lot's more.


Some Features

Easy to use logging. Radio Control.
DX Cluster access.Grayline Display.
Support for CD ROMs. Satellite tracking. PSK31 from sound card.
Keyer interface for CW. Plus a lot more.

Written By Bob Furzer, K4CY (ex N6BFM, 9K2ZZ

There are lots of logging programs available. Most of them try to incorporate all the features that the author feels an average user would need. Some fall short of that goal because the programmer may be a talented programmer but not necessarily an active DX'er. LOGGER was written by an active DX'er and used to log over 180,000 contacts at 9K2ZZ. Not only is LOGGER FREE, but you can't beat the support either. Bob is willing and ready to make modifications to the program based on user inputs. He has already demonstrated this by working with other hams to add radio support for various models of radios being used LOGGER.

LOGGER runs on Windows XP/98 for sure, and are testing the newer version day by day.


                         Jon G4URH

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