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These pages are dedicated to all amateurs and short wave listeners who enjoy the activities on 1.933.00MHz.
1.933.00 Group is a regular gathering of amateurs, operating after 22:00 hundred hours, Activity varies but on a good night you can here us putting the world to rights.

Operation is VOX or PTT and anything more than one sentence without a break is considered to be a long over. In any event, you have to drop carrier regularly to make sure the big signals aren't talking over you.

You will get a flavour of modern operating techniques allowing maximum communication to flow across a broad span of technical and non technical subjects. Most of all good fellowship and a good laugh.

All stations are very welcome but the general ethos is to enjoy the conversation and not take the hobby too seriously. We can guarantee that we will never organise the radio 1.933.00 DX contest - I think !

Always use your full callsign when calling another station;

Never respond to calling operators who do not use full callsigns;

Do not call break always your callsigns;

Do not talk Morse code on microphone; you need a key for this;

Do not call into a contact with QRZ;

Do not spell your name or QTH unless specifically asked to do so;

Do not call the operator of the station you are in contact with 'Sir', 'Your Highness', and ‘Doctor’, 'Monk' or any other title;

Do not end your transmissions with 'QSL', 'Roger', 'over', or 'Over Over';

Do not begin your transmissions with 'QSL', 'Roger', or 'Roger Roger';

Do not operate (or condone those that do) on DX list or DX net operations;

Know the callsign of the station you are calling before you call.

Do not operate on SSB with wider than 2.8 KHz bandwidth filters (or condone those that do).

Do not use external devices to unnecessarily distort the audio.

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