G3VGR WPX SSB Contest      

I had the good fortune to return to Massachusetts in March 2005 on a three week business trip. It was great to meet up with my old friends at the Southborough Rod and Gun Club. The trip coincided with the WPX SSB Contest, which is a 48 hour HF bands affair.

We operated 2 stations, although operating time on the Saturday was seriously reduced because I slipped on some ice early in the morning, then had to be taken to hospital in the afternoon, where a fractured wrist was diagnosed. According to K1RDD, this was a punishment by the CW Gods for daring to use a microphone.

Operators during the contest were Larry, AG1C, Doug, K1RDD and Dave, G3VGR. Needing more operators, we went on a recruiting drive in Rhode Island on the weekend before the contest to enlist the help of Willis, KB1JFG. During the contest, we used the call AG1C, which is a useful multiplier for many. Here are some photos of the extravaganza.

Willis, KB1JFG during the WPX Operator interview and selection process in a purpose-built executive briefing centre, located somewhere in Rhode Island

This is Bob, a friend of KB1JFG. Bob is the only man I've met who has successfully hit himself in the head with a heavy sledgehammer whilst standing on top of a ladder

Unfortunately, Willis, KB1JFG, has failed the selection process and is doomed to spend the rest of his days on the Paxton repeater, talking to very interesting people

This is Station "A", the rig is a FT1000MP, Alpha 89 and Traffie Hexbeam

The Traffie Hexbeam used by Station A. This is a really excellent antenna and put a big signal into Europe.

This is Station "B", Another FT1000MP, Heathkit HL2200 and Traffie Hexbeam

Doug, K1RDD running on 15 metres

The shack has supplies laid on to help sustain to the operators. The clear stuff in the jar next to the black nectar is missing a health warning label.

Dave, G3VGR with arm in a splint, working 20 metres

The shack lighting has been successfully fixed by N1XYU after someone complained of a slight flickering

"We don't need no stinkin' QRP", This is what 1.5Kw actually looks like

"Is this frequency in use?". These interesting shack accessories help keep the run frequencies clear