G3VGR Field Day 2002      

ARRL Field Day - June 2002

Originally, we had hoped to operate from North Chesterville in the state of Maine, but this turned out to not be possible. We returned to last year's site, the grounds of the Southborough Rod and Gun Club. Vic, W1BZ was unable to make the trip up from Baltimore this year and was sorely missed. However, we were joined by Doug, K1RDD, who made very many valuable QSOs. The ARRL expanded Field Day this year to include participation from all the other IARU Region 2 countries in Central and South America, however the ridiculous scoring system meant there is little point in trying to work someone in Tierra del Fuego instead of Trenton New Jersey.

The weather was good on Saturday with a cool breeze keeping the bugs at bay. Unfortunately, a very high (S9) noise level prevailed on 40 and 80 metres during the afternoon, which rendered them almost unusable. Luckily, the QRN went down in strength during the early evening after it rained and it was possible to start making LF band QSOs again.

We ran 6 stations this year, 5 of them using IC706mkIIG transceivers and the other station used W1RST's TenTec Omni VI. There was plenty of RX overload between stations operating on the same band, due mainly to my enthusiastic use of an antenna launcher, enabling the sky to be filled with wire.

Here are some photos of this year's extravaganza:

The official W1SRG flag flies to indicate that cocktails are being served

American Colonists raise the Union Flag to display their loyalty to HM Queen Elizabeth and willingness pay all back taxes to the Crown

"With a little help from my friends"
The 160, 80 & 40 metre antennas up at 55 ft the easy way

Corinne operating 20m SSB with Larry, AG1C as Control Operator

Fred, NK1L operating 20m CW after solving the problem of his leaking tent by moving QTH to his truck

Dave, G3VGR operating 10m CW on Sunday morning after a long night on 40m CW

Chris, N1XS violates the terms of his "No-Phone" license by working 15m SSB.  Bob, W1RST hangs his head in shame at this heresy

Gary, N1XYU testing his secret ingredient prior to creating another culinary delight on Sunday morning

Doug K1RDD sheltering from the elements whilst running up a big score on 10m SSB

"Maybe I should buy one too?" James, W1JSR using one of the IC706mkIIG rigs on 20m SSB
Field Day details
We made 607 CW QSOs, 605 SSB QSOs.
Our total claimed score after bonus was 4538.  No VHF bands were used.
Bob  -  W1RST   Fred  -  NK1L  
Chris  -  N1XS   Gary  -  N1GR
Corinne  -  not-yet   James  -  W1JSR
Dave  -  G3VGR   Kathy  -  W1KAT
Doug  -  K1RDD   Larry  -  AG1C