G3VGR Field Day 2001      

ARRL Field Day - June 2001

Yet again, I managed to arrange a business trip to Massachussets to coincide with Field Day. This time I wanted to try 160 meters from the US, so took along my IC706mkIIG with Palm Mini-paddles and enough wire to run a 3/8 wavelength Inverted-L for 160m with some radials. Prior to leaving the UK, I ordered a SGC239 Smartuner from HRO, but unfortunately this wasn't available in time for Field Day, which made the original plan inoperative. Some 450 ohm feeder was purchased and, with the original wire, an Extended Double-Zepp for 80 meters was constructed, which worked fine on 160, 80 and 40 meters. Unfortunately, my IC706 is a European version, so I couldn't operate above 3.8 or 7.1Mhz.

The 2001 Field Day site was located in the grounds of the Southborough Rod and Gun Club. This venue seemed to attract far less mosquitoes than the previous site and the welcome shade from the tall trees made operating in tents more bearable. There was also an improvement in cuisine, as we now had both Draught Guinness and Pusser's Navy Rum to lubricate the operators. We had 5 HF stations and one VHF station operational, all running on emergency power from generators. Again, we failed to make any QSOs with Alaska, so next year we'll probably have to send someone there and make a sked.

Here are some photos, more are available on Larry, AG1C's Website

The field day site, complete with campfire and jacuzzi.

The W1SRG team pose with a visiting dignitary. An unusual photo inasmuch that nobody is holding a can of beer

Fruits of Bob, W1RST's labours. The 40 and 15 meter antennas.

You want fries with that?
Kathy, W1KAT's VHF station.

Fred, NK1L making 20m CW contacts on one of the IC706's, but not with Alaska.

After cleaning out 15 meters, Chris, N1XS tries out CW on the LF bands to see if Vic, W1BZ has missed anything.

Sunday morning & we're running out of operators. Corinne is now working 40 meters SSB after Bob, W1RST's liver has finally exploded.

James, W1JSR (now extremely knowledgable about Dunestar filters) looking for Hawaii on 10 meters.

Larry AG1C & Gary N1GR congratulate each other after successfully fixing the TS930 by swapping it out with firstly a TS440, then a FT1000MP. Cody, who previously helped G3VGR & AG1C to fix a TR Interface, looks impressed.

Spencer, our novice operator, goodwill ambassador and all-round superstar, gazes longingly towards Alaska.
Field Day details
We made 655 CW QSOs, 272 SSB QSOs.
Our total claimed score after bonus was 3164
Bob  -  W1RST   Gary  -  N1GR  
Chris  -  N1XS   James  -  W1JSR
Corinne  -  not-yet   Kathy  -  W1KAT
Dave  -  G3VGR   Larry  -  AG1C
Fred  -  NK1L   Vic  -  W1BZ