G3VGR Field Day 2000      

ARRL Field Day - June 2000

A 3 week business trip to Massachusetts fortunately coincided with Field Day, so this time I made sure that I knew where the venue was! I took the Sierra along with me so we could get some QRP points. The Field Day Site was located at Gray Pines Estate in Grafton, MA. We had 4 stations operating, using real-time logging on networked PC's running TRLog.

It was a fun weekend, the weather was hot and sunny and the intrepid operators of W1SRG made over 800 contacts on 80m thru' 10m. Our best bands were 40 and 20 meters. This fine performance was entirely due to the consistent diet of chili, hot dogs, hamburgers and beer. This exquisite cuisine was under the management of our Head Chef - Gary, N1XYU, who is still awaiting his first Michelin star. Constant attentions from the local mosquito population also ensured I was able stay awake to operate 20m during the night. Here are some photos, just click on the thumbnails to see the full-size versions

The field day site. The 20m station was in the tent on the right and the 40/80m station was in the blue tent. The 20m X-Beam antenna is in the foreground

Some of the Field day antennas. The R7000 on the Jeep was used in 15m. The tent on the left with another R7000 housed the 10m station. In the distance is the tower with the 40m & 80m dipoles.

The W1SRG team, looking rather elegant in their designer label Field Day teeshirts, pose outside the beer tent (aka FD HQ)

Larry, N1XYR even manages to find time off from organizing, managing and supporting the total operation to look for Alaska on 15m

Vic, W1BZ takes a deserved break from 40m high-speed CW to investigate a microphone. Bob, N1AIW tries to explain what it's used for

Total concentration from Chris, N1XS who is either operating 10 meters CW or playing the piano.

A pensive look from Gary, KE4GI as he takes no prisoners on 20m with the FT1000MP, or maybe he wishes he was on the West Coast working the East Coast instead of vice-versa

Dave, G3VGR and James Beam getting ready to work 20m CW once Dave figures out how to use the FT1000MP.
Field Day details
We made 455 CW QSOs, 401 SSB QSOs.
Our total claimed score after bonus was 3022
Alex  -  KA1VWX Larry   -  N1XYR (now AG1C)
Bob  -  N1AIW (now W1RST) Mark   -   WA3OFR
Chris  -  N1XS  Mike  -  WB5JMJ
Dave  -  G3VGR  Robert  -   K1FE
Gary  -  KE4GI (now N1GR)  Vic  -  W1BZ