Hi, and welcome to my qsl.net site. I entered this fantastic hobby by accident sometime in 1960 when tuning around what was known as the "trawler" ( fishing) band on my dad's radio. I came across a couple of guys talking to each other, and I had discovered 160 metres or good old "Top Band". In 1964 I passed my radio amateurs exam whilst at college, and two years later in 1966, I passed the morse test to gain my "A" licence. Years of prolific home brewing followed, which slowed somewhat due to other commitments. But still today I lay my hand on the soldering iron quite often. I guess that introduction into radio really forged what I was to do for my career, and since leaving college I have worked in servicing, designing, marketing, sales, and management, all within the electronic arena. At 56 yrs old now, with a son, Damien, in college studying computing technology, my wife Trish says " Ham radio ! I can take it or leave it!!. Hahahahahaha! well I guess that means she has supported me in my hobby since those early days, whilst still finding time to organise the home, and enjoy her hobbies, and business activities too.

Amateur radio has given me an insight into the world, and its peoples, which I would probably never have gained by other means, and likely as not I will take my gear with me when I pass over to the greatest of dx locations when the supreme being calls upon me.

I intended to add some interesting stuff to this site as time goes by, but my home site in the UK has taken up quite a lot of time, and difficult to change now :-), and it has quite a lot of information, software for PSK,HELL,SSTV,RTTY, etc etc and I hope you find the time to call in and visit.

Take care out there, and God Bless.



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