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Hello! ... My Name Is Reg Belshaw (Mug Shot Below!)

(Houses haunted, Kids Frightened!)


This may appear somewhat spartan as my knowledge of computers and their evil ways is very limited!


My interest in the HF bands died about 35 years ago when I moved to my present location where the housing authority refused permission for any type of antenna!
over the years a simple indoor dipole for 144 MHz has grown to an 11 element yagi outdoors at about 35 Ft (11 metres?)
This slow transition has gone unoticed by the powers that be (Hopefully) .. Due to this limitation, my amateur radio interests are now firmly with 2 metres DX.


Main modes of operation on 144MHz are:-
Aurora, Sporadic E, Tropo, AND
------ Meteor Scatter ------

WSJT By Joe Taylor --- FSK441 for MS

Are you interested in a Sked?

..... QRV with high power only from 01.00 to 04.00 utc due TVI !!! .....

..... Or 150W Max at other times, got to keep the natives happy! .....


Get "WSJT" from HERE

Radio equipment presently in use:

Yaesu FT-847 with FT-736 as backup or for /P .... QRV on 20mtrs (Occasionaly), Antenna is an indoor dipole
And also
On 50MHZ, 144MHz and 432MHz
The radio is a Yaesu FT-847 This is also used to drive a solid state amplifier type 1452 G -- by TE Systems

Which will give up to 350Watts output --- UK limit is 400Watts !!

Pictures below not up to date, need to borrow a digi camera (Too hard up to buy one)

A look around my shack!



Computer used for JT65B etc. is:- MSI V8 with 3300MHz CPU
AMD 1gb 400 ddr RAM .. computer uses simple interface to FT-847


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Thanks for the visit, Take Care! ------ 73 ------ de Reg, g3uts

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