Top Band

(160 metres)

Of all the traditional Amateur Radio frequency allocations, the 1.81 - 2.0 Mhz band has the longest wavelength (160 metres) and is known as Top Band. For many years this band was shared with shipping and falls within what was known as the Trawler Band. The band was also occupied for many years by the Long Range Aid to Navigation system: "LORAN A" .

The band is interesting being characterised by short range use during daylight, but with the possibility of very long range at night, especially during sunspot minima. For many years it was the primary band for mobile operation.

Hybrid Transmitter 160,80,40,10m  1964  Top Band AM Transmitter 1974


Top Band Transverter 1981


Top Band Mobile Transceiver 1982


FT707 Modified for Top Band 1983


Miniature Transceiver Top Band 

Top Band Mobile Activities

Hunstanton Rally

Top Band Talk-In G3ANM

Derby Mobile Rally 1962 photo G3GMN


Top Band Mobile Group

Woburn Rally 1990 (photo G0AOT)

Jim G0AOT; John G4FIT; Terry G3JFH; Mike G3TSO; Bob G4APV; Dave G3YXM; Bob G3VCA;
Phil G4CBQ; Dave G4TRT; Dave G3NKC; Simon G4GFN; ????; Martin G4FKK; Bob G0DOK;
George G3NMZ; Steve G0BBZ; Reg G3GMN.

Front Row Kneeling Left to Right...
Peter G3YOD; Clive G4ENB; Tony G0BBM; John G4RLL; Peter G4ENA; Mark G4FPH;
Graham G3XTZ; Philip G4WNM.


 Woburn 1997

From left: G4ZOW, G3NMZ ,G4WBV, G3JFH, G3OLB, G4BXM, G4ENB, G3YXM, G4CBQ, G4HKS, ???? (sitting), G3VMD, ???? ,G3TSO, G3XTZ.


 Top Band Portable Northants - 1965  Houghton Mill Top Band Mobile Picnic 1962
Top Band Talk-In at the Peterborough Mobile Rally 1965

G3TSN - Launching Kite Antenna

Hunstanton Rally 1963


Amateur TV Interview - G3KPO

The Rally Shop 

G3UWT Winning Ticket


 Top Band DF Competition 62

G3QS - G3QS jnr op - G2NJ 
G3TSO, SWLs Bill & John

 G3MFG Maritime Mobile 1966

River Nene Alwalton
1960s Mobile Antenna - Woburn
1997 Mobile Antenna - Woburn