Homebrew Amateur Radio Station

I have included details of some of the equipment I have constructed in the hope that it will encourage others to have a go. You do not need expensive tools or qualifications to build an amateur radio station. If you build it yourself, you can make it do what you want it to do.

I have constructed 7 SSB transceivers, numerous transmitters, receivers, amplifiers and ancilliary equipment over a period of 40 years. The Modular Transceiver published in RadCom and the Radio Communication Handbook 6th Edition was the subject of over 20 years deliberation which finally came about as a process of evolution.


G3TSO Home Made Transceivers MKI; MKII; MKIII


MKIV Miniature 80 metre 10-Watt Transceiver


Other Constructors

Cartoon by G3GMN

Mostly Homebrew Station 1989 (160 - 6 metres)

In 2004 my home brewing took a new turn using larger, easier to see components

Home Construction
 Before After