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Talk to the World


You may use your computer to talk to others, directly via the internet or via an amateur radio repeater (if you are a licensed amateur).

MAY 2004 Echolink is a current linking program for Amateurs. Skype is reckoned to be better but is not an amateur link, just audio between computers.


Much of this page will be out of date.


Terry, G4ANW, operates an internet gateway on 431.075 or 431.000MHz. See his pages at . He reccomends using "Surf and Call" software, this is a "plug in" to Internet Explorer and is used from sites like his or G0OPD's that have the facility enabled.


iLINK seems to be the up and coming internet communication software written for amateurs is where to find it


G0OPD is the station that links GB3IW to the internet, evenings aprox. 20.30 to 23.00 and much of the weekend. His web site has links for software and, when active to some oversea repeaters.

There are many free programs available to make speech communication over the internet. One used by amateurs is iphone. I am not sure if this is free -the only versions are time limited with no registration presently available. I am told that reinstalling the program will enable it for a further period.


I LEAVE IPHONE INFO HERE but it does not seem to be worth the trouble to use.

I have found G0OPD's download link to be very slow Index of -download-win95-Phone- has been much better, look for iphone45.exe. (about 5MB, getting on for 20mins.)

Iphone offers a setup window, you may need to select the microphone input, right click speaker icon -volume controls -options -properties -recording -microphone -OK -select (should have tick). Level is adjusted on slider.

The box that appears for your details is used to identify you on the "Chat Room" lists. You may amend the details by Opening the VocalTec window, -View -Options -User Icon.

When connected to the internet, starting iphone offers you general "chat rooms", unless you wish to discuss --x you will have to enter a hidden private room. There is one used by G0OPD and other amateurs and repeaters, a personal request will reveal.

Clicking a name/call sign on the list then "call" will "ring" the other computer, if answered you may talk to the other person or make a call from a repeater. When I tried several attempts were made, I waited a while and was "rung back" by John in Texas, the "QSO" was carried out as a radio contact in simplex, I understand duplex is possible, maybe a faster connection is required. Video phone is also possible using iphone.