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April 15 2005 20.00 BST CLUB AGM  

Steve, M5PDL was Chairman. Alan, G3PZB Secretary. Allan.... Treasurer. Committee members include  Tony.. Hmmm look at Zak's site.

Membership fee remains at 25 for a year. Subscriptions are now due. Full details on Zak's site.

 Steve's site Now not available  - 

In the year 2004-5 Quite a lot has happened, the Club is not dead! New members, training, . exam passes, outside events, excursions. More on Zak's site.

Thanks to the efforts of Alan G3PZB and Steve M5PDL 24++ members have passed the foundation course exam/morse assessment and 9? the intermediate exam.

April 2003 The intermediate course exam, 50 watts on VHF, with the 5 WPM morse 50 watts and 10 metres on HF. All passed.

Another  foundation course  September 2002 , all passed, congratulations!

The foundation course takes a minimum of 12 hours, split into sessions of 2 hours per week. We will get round to everybody eventually. Courses for the full licence will eventually be arranged.

The new foundation licence will enable anyone to use the amateur bands with a power of 10 watts. Most modern sets are able to be turned down to this level. Some older rigs are not suitable, contact us for advice. See June 2002 Radcom for details of a suitable attenuator for these rigs

We can offer "morse assessments" for the foundation licence. Contact us for details of this and any other developments, things are proceeding now.   

The intermediate exam includes a simple practical constructional test.

The old single RAE no longer exists, it will be necessary to complete all sections. Although most study will be able to be done at home some sort of liaison with an exam centre will be required for the practical requirement.

A recent addition to the Club's equipment is a trailer mounted telescopic mast. We tried this at the Clubhouse with the 3 ele HF beam and were pleased with the results compared with the long wire, reports of 3 S points and 20db improvement were noted. This will give us good results going portable.


March 2004

May 30. Event at Bembridge Airport.

A group recently had a radio weekend in Cornwall. A good time was had by all. 

January 2004

Six took the final RAE in December, congratulations! All passed. That's a 2.4KW pass rate! 

Foundation and intermediate courses will be arranged in due course. Phone Alan Ash 01983 298731

November 2003

Steve M5PDL has started a new web site (no longer available) it includes a club  forum. It is a nice site I hope he develops it to cover all that is on this site. (Then I can take a rest)

Somehow I have let myself in for the official sounding post of Deputy RSGB Regional Manager.  If you have any queries/comments of the RSGB I will try to help.

Mon 27 October 2003

A further group of members took and passed the foundation Course. 

Sat 26 July 2003

In the UK morse is  no longer required to qualify for an HF licence. This does not affect the Foundation Licence yet but all "Class Bs" are now equal to the old "Class A"  Note that Morse may still be needed for operating abroad.

World-wide 200kHz Allocation at 7MHz - but not Until 2009, well that's better than I expected! It took a lot longer for the three "WARC" bands to be released about 15 years ago.

Monday 30 June 2003

Mike, M3MGB and Colin M3GUN took and passed their intermediate exam. Congratulations! Anyone whose new call is not acknowledged  please complain! 

Monday 31 March 2003

The exam for the intermediate licence took place at 18.30 at the Club. Click here for picture.

This was a pilot course, all candidates passed, congratulations! they will have 2E1 or 2E0 callsigns, most seem to be leaving applications until the 5WPM morse is passed (or abolished?).


Sat 9th November 2002. A group of members operated the RSGB "Club Calls" contest. A steady stream of contacts were made. . All the pictures! A jumbled mess but they are there! This page will take some time to load (about180KB) For the result of the Club's entry we will have to wait well into next year! Last year's results appeared in the November Radcom! The team made 70 contacts and is claiming 995 points.

APRIL 2003 RADCOM! The results have appeared. The "Club Calls" team achieved 26th place with 952 points, (the discrepancy probably due to mistakes in logging). This is a significant improvement over our last entry, even better this year?

An event at Carisbrooke Priory 

 Due to Public access not being possible the special event did not take place. However on 20/21 July 2002 weekend a "practice run" took place. Click link for pictures.

Sorry, the newsletters are extremely slow coming! The Club continues to meet Fridays. 

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