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The Isle of Wight Radio Society is now Here:-


Facebook a lot of details of current activity.

 Club Located at Haylands Farm, Salters Road, Ryde, IW.

 Haylands Farm is signposted from Upton Road. It is on the left near the end of Salters Road, not too obvious, drive slowly - look for the yard as you reach the entrance. 

GBR Mapcode 9CM.WQT

Google Map of Location

50.717479N, -1.177201W

Postcode (approximate) PO33 3HU

Radio club on the Isle of Wight. At Haylands  use of the big hall, kitchen and two "shacks" workshop, HF, VHF and satellite operating.

Meeting Friday nights from around 7.00 pm. Visitors welcome.

Tuition for the Radio Amateurs exam and examination facilities. The Foundation course which gives a very good start to amateur radio is easy, not like the old days

.IOWRS, I'm sure we used to be IWRS On this site just my old G3SKY archive pages

Above details checked September 2018.

Contact details for more information.

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Ring Alan Ash G3PZB on 01983 298731 or alan.ash @

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Page altered 19 September, 2018 These pages on QSL net are archives. 50th Anniversary 2009!

Google Map of Location

This archive site for old news etc. 

    IWRS has been at Haylands Farm from 3rd August 2007 to present . This is in IO90jr The meetings start after 19.00.  

Nearest Post Code PO33 3HU
Lat (WGS84) N50:43:03 ( 50.717479 ) Approx! 
Long (WGS84) W1:10:38 ( -1.177201 ) Approx! 
OSGB Reference (From postcode SZ58250,90750) SZ 58095 91169 Taken on Site

From Enter Post code for map       Salters Road Ryde. Haylands Farm is signposted from Upton Road. It is on the left near the end of Salters Road, not too obvious, drive slowly - look for the yard as you reach the entrance. As is usual the Postcode reference is only approximate. Google Earth .KMZ file  Right click on this link and "Save As" If you have Google Earth on your computer double click on the saved file.

A Guest has pointed out that an "easy to use" Sat Nav may not have a facility to input coordinates other than postcodes. Notes on GPS


3rd August 2007 The first meeting at the new venue, time for the few who have worked hard to clear the old hut to relax. 

27 July 2007 The last meeting at the hut at Whitecliff Bay. Lots of junk still needs moving.

May 4th 2007 The AGM. The committee is little changed. We were informed of progress in the search for new premises. It is hoped to release the details as soon as a definite arrangement is made.

I will keep this site here and post various details, There are still things here that do not appear on Zak's site. When I get news I will add it here but this is more an archive, although I will ensure everything is relevant. 

Please note we meet regularly each week  now at Haylands Farm. Meetings Friday 7.30 PM.     

     Isle of Wight Maidenhead QRA WAB locator maps and info.

Full Details of the Isle of Wight Radio Society     





July 2006 Open Days - Special Events - Meetings - See Zak's site.

21 April 2006 AGM. The Club's FT847 on display, intended for use in the new Satellite/VHF shack. The Committee was elected almost unchanged from last year. They are expected to serve us as well this year as they did last!

CLUB DINNER OCT 15th 2005, 

The club 46th Anniversary dinner was held at the Appley Manor Ryde on the 15th of October 1900hrs at 19.30hrs. Was a very successful event.

20 August 2005 Special event at Bembridge Lifeboat station

July 2005 Special event at Northwood.

June 2005 Peter, 2E1PHW is now Chairman.

May 28/29 2005 The Club setup their station at Bembridge airport for the Schneider Trophy Races. A good time was had by all. More to come.

May ** 2005  A combined Special Event at Bembridge Windmill. IWRS and Brickfields Club operated for "Mills on the Air"

Amateur exams/foundation/intermediate/full licence

Thanks to the efforts of Alan G3PZB many members have passed the foundation course exam/morse assessment and carried on to the  the intermediate and advanced exams.

The foundation course takes a minimum of 12 hours, split into sessions of 2 hours per week. 

The intermediate course exam, 50 watts on VHF, with the 5 WPM morse 50 watts and 10 metres on HF. 

Courses for the full licence are arranged when required.

The new foundation licence will enable anyone to use the amateur bands with a power of 10 watts. Most modern sets are able to be turned down to this level. Some older rigs are not suitable, contact us for advice. See June 2002 Radcom for details of a suitable attenuator for these rigs

We can offer "morse assessments" for the foundation licence. Contact us for details of this and any other developments, things are proceeding now.   

The intermediate exam includes a simple practical constructional test.

The old single RAE no longer exists, it will be necessary to complete all sections. Although most study will be able to be done at home some sort of liaison with an exam centre will be required for the practical requirement.

A recent addition to the Club's equipment is a trailer mounted telescopic mast. We tried this at the Clubhouse with the 3 ele HF beam and were pleased with the results compared with the long wire, reports of 3 S points and 20db improvement were noted. This will give us good results going portable.

Look here for old news, newsletters, events etc.

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Member's Web Sites

David G0VZV  His site:- a lot more than just amateur radio! I doubt you will read it all, but be amazed at how much is known about his family. Hear some of his musical compositions.

Brickfields ARS another IW Club. Not sure of current link.

Alan G4ZFQ (Me) The Club's first Webmaster! Most of my current pages (2015) are on Google Sites

GB3RAL Monitoring. Hopefully this will be useful in "The Five Megs Experiment" See the G4ZFQ link above

Isle of Wight Maidenhead QRA WAB locator maps and info. See the G4ZFQ link above

FT847 Data/CAT connections See the G4ZFQ link above

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