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With the popularity of iPhones, iPads and iPods and the large touch screens they use it will come as no suprise that accidents do happen, iPhones get dropped and the screens smashed. Also as with any electrical device the introduction of water or even moisture can damage them. Luckly iPhone Repair specialist Get it Repaired is able to repair everything from broken screens through to water damage repairs. Based in Lancashire UK, they offer a mail in, or drop in service.


A popular hobby is RC Helicopters, thanks to recent advances in technology electric RC helicopters are now more affordable than ever and you can get a fully controlable 4 channel model for less than £90.00 which is a bargain concidering the model comes with a transmitter, battery and charger and will give an excellent introduction in to the world of remote controlled helicopters. Once you have mastered a 4 channel model you will be then in a position to move up to a more advanced 6 channel model which will be capable of advanced 3d flight. There are many retailers who supply models, RcMods is a leading UK supplier who have beginners to advanced RC helicopters with buyers guides and full support.


If you like your hobbys to be kept on the ground then a rc car maybe for you. Just like with helicopters, rc cars have seen huge leaps forward in technology and in many cases the electric rc cars out perform the nitro models which are more noisy and harder to maintian.You can get a excellent beginners rc car for under £90.00 which includes everything you need to get going. There are many great UKsites for RC Cars but our favourite is RcMods Cars which stocks a wide range and has excellent guides, advice sections and full backup should you run in to trouble with your model.















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