RAF Little Rissington (CFS) Amateur Radio Club 1960s

Ron Tucker G3KTC operating G3NGZ


RAF little Rissington was the home to the Central Flying School (CFS) from 1946 to 1976 when the station closed down.

Patrick the Pelican was the school mascot (1962) and resided at Birdland, Bourton on the Water when not on official duty.

The RAF CFS Aerobatic Team was named the Red Pelicans and was a forerunner to the Red Arrows.

During the 1960s RAF Little Rissington had an active Amateur Radio Club which operated from a building adjacent to the Officers Mess; the picture above shows an impressive array of equipment being operated by Ron Tucker G3KTC, one of the founder members.

In 1997 the domestic site at RAF Little Rissington was sold to property developers; married quarters were modified and sold; and additional houses were built in what became Upper Rissington Village. The Officers Mess was derilict for a number of years but is now being developed into domestic housing.The former RAF Technical Site became a Business Park but following a lengthy planning battle, most of the former RAF buildings were demolished in 2013 to make way for a development of 364 houses. The former RAF hangars were removed one by one. The Aerodrome remains RAF Little Rissington and is operated by Air Cadets.New accommodation has recently been built for 637 Volunteer Gliding Squadron which is shortly to receive Viking winch launched gliders.

In order to preserve some RAF Station history, an application to reactivate the Station Amateur Radio Club callsign G3NGZ was made to OFCOM. In April 2015 the licence was reissued in the name of the Pelican Radio Group comprising of G3TSO; G0NXA and G3YYH

The intention is to be able to operate demonstration stations at local events and provide a local callsign for events such as "Airfields on the Air" in conjunction with Radio Amateurs, Scouts and the Air Training Corps.



RAF Station to Village

RAF Little Rissington 1962


  RAF Little Rissington 1962
Watch Tower and Pelican Logo 1940s    1960s Control Tower demolished 1997 

Red Pelicans CFS Aerobatic Team 

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   Patrick the Pelican 1962 
RAF Final March Out 1976    Development starts 1998
Officers Mess 2003   Business Park 1998-2013
Phase 3 Development 2003  
Phase 1, 2 and 3 Development 2003  

Upper Rissington Village 2015 

Upper Rissington 2015 


Upper Rissington Village 

In June 2000 the Station was the film location for...


...the Ice Chase in "Die Another Day"

Waterfront 2016


Upper Rissington 2016 

Officers Mess Development 2016


 Victory Fields

 The Airfield 2017 with Viking gliders

The CADF is still operational


Airfield with new ATC Hangar and new village 2017