Solihull Amateur Radio Society --- Details of meetings 2011 to date

20th January 2011. 'A long wire for a short garden' by Jim G4VMO.

17th February 2011. 'Social Networking on the Web' by Alan G3LUA and Phil M0PBA.

17th March 2011. 'Crystal Radio Sets' by Geoff G8DHI.

21st April 2011. 'The Development of the Superhet Receiver' by Bill G8AVX.

19th May 2011. 'A Video-night on Aerials'.

6th June 2011. Foundation Licence Course Starts.

16th June 2011. 'A Night on the Air'.

21st July 2011. Discussion and test 'Handies, Repeaters and Things'

18th August 2011. Discussion and test 'Arissat-1'.

15th Sept. 2011. SJ22S, Feedback from Claire G8ULQ.

20th Oct. 2011. Annual General Meeting.

17th November 2011. Surplus Sale.

15th December 2011. Christmas Social.

19th January 2012. 'Gliding and glider-comms' by Roger G4BBT.

23rd Feb. 2012. Electric Cars by Phil M0PBA

15th March 2012. 'Waves above 2 metres'(VHF marine radio) by Dave G0PDL

19th April 2012. 'Microprocessor Applications' by Roger M0DOH

17th May 2012. "What's New" (technology and events).

21st June 2012. 'PC Instrumentation' by Mateen M0MMF.

19th July 2012. 'Following the Torch' by Alan G3LUA.

20th Sept. 2012. 'Something old and something new' by Roger G4BBT.

18th Oct. 2012. Annual General Meeting.

15th Nov. 2012. Surplus Sale.

20th Dec.2012. Christmas Social.

17th Jan. 2013. 'Summits on the Air' by Brian G8ADD.

21st Feb. 2013 'Air Testing a Joystick Antenna, FT817 and FRG7700'

21st March 2013, Mode-S and SDR receivers.

18th April 2013, 10GHz wide-band FM and Doppler radar.

20th June 2013. 'Your Interests' and the 'Centenary'.

18th July 2013. A VHF Night

15th August 2013. 'Twixt Heaven and Earth (CME & PME).

19th Sept 2013. 'Around the club'.

17th October2013. AGM.

21st November 2013. Surplus Sale.

19th December 2013. Christmas Social.

16th January 2014. Funcube-1 (AO-73)

20th February 2014. Audio Valve Amplifiers.

20th March 2014. Portable radios of yesteryear.

17th April 2014. Natter Night.

15th May 2014. Film."The sea has many voices".

19th June 2014. 'ATUs. What they are and how they do it.'

17th July 2014. Talk/discussion 'Members Choice'

21st August 2014. Natter Night.

18th Sept 2014. SARS response to Ofcom Consultation Doc.

16th Oct. 2014. AGM

20th Nov. 2014. SARS Surplus Sale.

18th Dec. 2014. Christmas Social.

15th Jan. 2015. Natter Night.

19th Feb. 2015. Review of newly acquired ex-silent-key kit.

19th March. 2015. Science Week.

16th April. 2015. International Year of Light.

21st May 2015. Tech Natter and demos. SDR, VHF and up.

18th June 2015. Testing half-size G5RV for portable use.

16th July 2015. WSPR.

20th August 2015. WSPR (continued)

17th Sept 2015. Digimodes.

15th Oct 2015. AGM

19th November 2015, Surplus Sale

17th Dec. 2015. Christmas Social.

21st Jan. 2016. Getting started in D-STAR.

18th Feb. 2016. Amateur Radio and ATV on the ISS.

17th March 2016. Member's Night.(Our latest projects).

21st April 2016. Raynet.

19th May 2016. 'Watch out there's a drone about.'

16th June.2016. Bits and Pieces.

21st July 2016. VHF Comms and DMR.

18th Aug. 2016. 'TX Factor' Video / IC 7300 review.

20th Oct. 2012. AGM.

17st Nov. 2016. Surplus Sale.

15th Dec.2016. Christmas Social.

19th Jan 2017. Microcontrollers & wifi connectivity.

16th Feb.2017. PSK31.

16th March 2017. Flight simulator

20th April 2017. Programming things.

18th May 2017. Lowland Rescue.

15th June 2017. WSPR.

21st July 2017. Video on 'Propagation'

17th August 2017. Dstar, GPS & APRS.

21st September 2017. Programming radios, DMR, and dash-cams.

19th Oct. 2017. AGM

16th Nov. 2017. Surplus Sale.

21st Dec. 2017. Christmas Social

18th Jan. 2018. Position reporting via Packet radio

15th Feb.2018. RSGB videos & discussion.

15th. March 2018. A look at kit building projects.

19th April 2018. Demo of Pixie radio sets.

17th May 2018. Favourite kit night.

21st June 2018. Network Radio.

19th July 2018. Progress with Network Radio.

16th Aug 2018. Amateur satellites.

20th Sept 2018. Satellite Comms.

18th Oct.2018. AGM

15th Nov. 2018. Surplus Sale.

20th Dec. 2018. Christmas Social.

17th Jan. 2019. Homebrew VHF & UHF antennas.

21st Feb.2019. "Oboe" video & Wythall Hamfest prep.

21st March 2019. Fusion digital radio using the Yaesu FT991A

18th. April 2019. FT8 workshop & antenna review

16th. May 2019. The SDRplay RSP1A receiver & SDR Uno software

20th. June 2019. Programming hand-helds and mobile rigs

18th. July 2019. Receiving the AO100 satellite

15th. Aug 2019. 4m activity evening & Inter-Club Contest discussion

19th. Sept 2019. Radio related short talks

17th Oct 2019. AGM & Committee Forum

21st Nov 2019. Programming Baofeng BF888's.

19th Dec 2019. Christmas Social.

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