The Mint Box Challenge

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Last edited 01/04/2003.

First Pictures of the Challenge Arrive...

Background to the Challenge

The Church that I belong to supports two young missionaries working in Siberia. I would like to buy them a digital camera so that they can send pictures back here to their friends and parents easily via the internet. So I have decided to use my FOXX-3 and some energy in a sponsored event. My plan is to climb Snowdon and Scafell Pike (the tallest mountains in Wales and England) in a weekend and to operate from each one for an hour. People will sponsor me for how many QSOs I can make. I am hoping that the G QRP members will help by looking out for me.

If I raise more than the necessary amount, surplus money will be given to Club 2000, a church-run community youth club that I help with. It provides over 100 children from a wide variety of backgrounds in the 7-11 age group  with something positive to do on a Friday night once a fortnight. Club 2000 needs some stage lights - our second objective.


mintmast.jpg (110540 bytes)2 December 2000. Went out today and set up the aerial ready for the big event. The aerial is a dipole held up by a DK9SQ mast. I was assisted by Martin Raymond - who intends to come along on the trip as my assistant,

adjust.jpg (193716 bytes)and my wife's nephew, Cheng Boon. Seen here adjusting the aerial.






December 27th Training Expedition to Kinder Scout

wpeE.jpg (72408 bytes)wpeF.jpg (70548 bytes)

The Challenge

Two very different days on two very different mountains. 20 QSOs from the summits of Wales and England.

20th January 2001 Snowdon

wpe10.jpg (67939 bytes) G3CWI on the summit of Snowdon
wpe11.jpg (74643 bytes) GW3CWI/P in operation
wpe12.jpg (73824 bytes) The Mint Box
wpe13.jpg (55041 bytes) The mast

21st January 2001 Scafell Pike

wpe14.jpg (96552 bytes) The walk in
wpe15.jpg (51120 bytes) Putting on crampons
wpe16.jpg (26943 bytes) The summit!
wpe17.jpg (34816 bytes) G3CWI/P
wpe18.jpg (36902 bytes) Operating the Mint Box - very cold indeed!

Summary of contacts made from each location here.

A special thank you to Kanga UK for agreeing to loan me a 40m FOXX for the Challenge.

wpeF.jpg (69930 bytes)

Kanga's Mint Box Transceiver. 20p piece for scale comparison.

Ultraswoosh1.jpg (56240 bytes)

A big thank you to Duracell UK who have agreed to supply us with batteries for the Challenge!

And thanks to Martin Raymond for coming along for the trip, Darren and Chris for coming up Scafell Pike and finally all those sponsors who have enabled me to get the money for the digital camera.


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