Mamore Madness

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G3CWI ClimbsThis is the tale of an expedition with radio across the Highlands of Scotland. The trip was carried out in August 2001. I travelled alone and camped along the way. The Mamores are a range of mountain that includes the tallest peaks in Britain. While the west of the range is readily accessible, the east of the range borders remote moorland areas. This walk starts from Corrour Station - possibly the only railway station in the British Isles that cannot be reached by car (rumours that this also applies to Euston can be dismissed). Just click "Day 1" below to join me on my trip.


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In response to requests:

Porridge is a traditional Scottish dish made from rolled oats. These are simmered with milk (I use powdered milk when camping) and sugar to make a rich creamy breakfast. The Scots make theirs with water and salt - but they also wear hair shirts.

Cadbury's Smash is instant mashed potato. Just add boiling water and enjoy!


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