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AA Woodcrafts - Callsign Plaques

A few days ago I noticed that someone had placed an advert on my Flea Market saying that they produced wooden callsigns for display in the shack. I was intrigued. Many years ago I had a callsign plaque made in engraved plastic - there was someone making them at a rally. It must be over 20 years old now and (like me) is past its best. I nipped along to the  website in the advert and was impressed. Both the quality and the cost seemed right. I sent an email asking if they could make "Adventure Radio" as I wanted something to display at talks etc (to keep the literature under). Alan replied to say that they could and so I ordered "G3CWI" and "Adventure Radio". Today a Jiffy bag turned up with both. They are excellent in every way.

As you can see, they are made of MDF and are substantial items. AA Woodcrafts seem to be a small company that has stumbled upon a valuable niche in the personalised goods market. I certainly wish them good luck.

wpe23.jpg (26770 bytes) wpe26.jpg (17829 bytes)
wpe27.jpg (23148 bytes) wpe28.jpg (21883 bytes)

I think that they are great value at 4.99 plus 1.25 p&p.


Last edited 01/04/2003


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