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The Rat's Nest SpecialwpeD.jpg (65508 bytes)

It had to happen. I was getting rather fed up with my 40m DC radio. It works as well as you might expect but really, I want a superhet.

So the soldering iron is out at G3CWI and this is the result so far. Does it work? Well, no it doesn't at the moment but I'm sure that it will soon. I'll keep you posted.

For the technically minded it uses an NE612 first mixer, 3 MHz VFO, five crystal ladder filter, SL6700 second mixer/IF strip, 4 MHz LO and LM386 AF stage. Not very innovative I agree but it is just a start. That NE612 will be coming out when I get the rest working and will be replaced with something a little better. The TX side is undecided but for simplicity I'm favouring a 74HC240 transmitter stage.


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