8 Sept 02 2050kHz

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inskip2.bmp (169254 bytes)

This run was done at a frequency of 2.05MHz and commenced on 8 September 2002. The F layer skywave starts quite abruptly at 1830 and ends just as abruptly at 0600. The slight discontinuity at 1000 in the trace was due to some recalibration work at G3CWI. Note the nice reflections caused by the signal reaching me by one, two, three and up to 8 hops.

A short period of E layer propagation can be seen at either end of the F layer period (at about 1920 and 0610), however this is quickly masked as the lower D layer ionises and absorbs the signals before they can reach the E layer, leaving just the groundwave - the grey line at the bottom of the trace that continues throughout the 24 hour period. This short period of E layer propagation presumably occurs as the sunlight will hit the higher E layer slightly sooner than the D layer. It may also be that the D layer ionisation takes longer to build up.


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