22 sept 02 5270kHz

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22-9-02 01.bmp (97254 bytes)

Today's picture shows the F layer fading out at 0300 and resuming at 0600. There is an odd effect at 2100 where the layer height rises by over 300km (1ms) in a short period of time. At that time another layer seems to appear above the F layer (5ms).


wpeD.jpg (78054 bytes)

The figure above shows the reception at G3PLX of a stable carrier generated at G3CWI on 5MHz. The distance in about 100km.

The double trace is the result of the wave interacting with the ionosphere and being split into two components, called the ordinary

and extraordinary wave. The ripples are caused by movements in in ionosphere of the reflecting layers (not drift in G3CWI's transmitter).

Note how the signal starts off high at dawn and drifts lower during the day. During this test, the F layer critical frequency remained

above the band so the signal remains visible at G3PLX for the whole period. The transmission power used was 12mW and the

carrier was generated by a direct digital synthesiser (DDS) using a GPS stabilised frequency standard.


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