16 Sept 02 3800kHz

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inskip6.bmp (160254 bytes)

This plot was done using a much greater vertical scale that I use normally (150ms). It was done to look for round-the-world echoes as part of the grey line project. There are no RTW echoes but the backscatter is interesting. This is the rather diffuse returns from 2100 to 0600. The long delays (over 50ms) suggest radio path lengths of over 15,000km. The path length on the surface of the earth will be much less as the radio signal is presumably being refracted and reflected several times.

Another interesting feature is two periods of auroral Es - intense short-term ionisation of the E layer. These show up well on the plot below at 0300-0330 and 1020-1100. Note how the intense ionisation stops signals getting through to the F layer at 0300. There is some indication that the higher order F layer reflections continue perhaps showing the greater penetration of near vertical waves. This plot covers the same period but at a greater resolution. Overall the indication is that the ionosphere remains rather disturbed.

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